“Tiger and Crane Sparring Set” (Fu Hok Deui Chaak)

“Tiger and Crane Sparring Set” (Fu Hok Deui Chaak)

Powerful strikes and blocks, lightning fast kicks, eye-catching sweeps and jumps – this is the most popular modern Hung Kyun sparring set called “Tiger and Crane Double Form Sparring Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Deui Chaak), also called Fu Hok Deui Chaak or just simply Fu Hok Chaak.

“Tiger and Crane Sparring Set” is actually not a new set, bud modification of old Lam Sai Wing’s “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Sparring Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Deui Chaak). It was developed by Grand Master Lam Jou, probably in late 1930’s or in 1940’s. “Tiger and Crane Sparring Set” blends traditional Hung Kyun training methods, such as “Bridge Hands” (Kiu Sau) sensitivity and conditioning, practical application, and performance.

As Grand Master Lam Jou has adopted a new logo for his school – famous “Tiger and Crane Olive” – “Tiger and Crane” in the name of the set actually means “Tiger and Crane School’s” (Fu Hok Mun) sparring set – the set contains many techniques from other sets, as well as techniques which are not found in any of the pillar sets, but were taught as separate techniques and applications drills by Masters of the previous generations.

Rare video: “Tiger and Crane Sparring Set” (Fu Hok Deui Chaak), performed by Grand Master Lam Chun Chung and late Grand Master Lam Chun Hin, sons of Grand Master Lam Cho

The first section as well as few other sections feature unique old Hung Kyun “Short Bridge” drills called “Asking Bridge” (Man Kiu) – Hung Kyun variation of Wing Cheun’s “Sticky Hands” (Chi Sau). “Long Bridges” techniques are represented not only by various “Long Hands” of Hap Ga and Choi Lei Fat (Hung Kyun’s Leopard Form), but special types of footwork as well.

Compared to the Hung Ga pillar sets, Fu Hok Chaak contains relatively a lot of kicks – groin kicks (Liu Yam Geuk), side kicks (“Tiger Tail Kick, Fu Mei Geuk, including the ground fighting version), short sweeps and long 360 degrees sweeps from Northern styles (Bak Paai).

Pavel Macek Sifu & Petr Vrána Sifu, Golden Medal, The 1st World Traditional Martial Arts Festival. Video by Leon Dogan.

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