3 Tips from Charris van’t Slot Sifu & Short “Iron Thread Set” Demo

I have been in contact with Charris since late 1990’s. We were both enthusiastic about Hung Ga Kyun training and research, and finally met in 2000 in Germany.

Charris is one of the most senior European students of my Si Baak, Grand Master Lam Chun Fai, so whenever I see him again, I make sure to train with him and learn more about the way my Si Baak does things and teaches. 

Van’t Slot Sifu came to Prague in July 2016 to attend Flexible Steel workshop I ca-taught with my StrongFirst colleague Steve Freides. I have asked him not only to give me tips on “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun), but also for a short interview. Charris was also kind to demonstrate and let me film part of this most advanced set of Hung Kyun.

Please check the mini interview and demo of 3rd section of Tit Sin Kyun below. And if you are serious about Hung Ga Kyun training in Netherlands, make sure to join his school or seminar – please visit his website  Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht.

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