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Choose to be Flexible Steel!

Side split - Flexible Steel

While being a youngster doing martial arts of course I did a lot of stretching. Mostly it was ‘relax stretching’. I never was really flexible, but then again, it wasn’t really needed for Kempo and traditional Kungfu. Dynamically I could kick about the height of my head, and that was enough. Continue reading


87 Years Young Chinese Gung Fu Lady Doing Splits [Video]

Chinese Martial Arts Flexibility

“Do not be afraid of being old; only be afraid when your spirit becomes old”, says a traditional Chinese maxim.

Mrs. Lau suffered a stroke, and as a party of her rehab she started to practice Chinese martial arts.  Check out the video where she performs some feats of active and dynamic flexibility, such as “Front Split” (Yat Ji Teui) and “Heel Supporting the Heavens” (Chiu Tin Dang). Continue reading