“Double Southern Knives vs. Spear” [Rare Videos]

Hung Ga Kyun Double Knives vs. Spear

Rare Hung Ga Kyun videos of “Double [Southern] Knives vs. Spear (Daan Dou Deui Cheung) from 2 different eras.

First video comes from one of the old black & white Wong Fei Hung movies (1949!). Notice that it is performed with long knives/short sabres – indeed, Hung Kyun “Double Knives” were originally a bit bigger than today’s commonly produced “Butterfly Knives”, eg. for Wing Cheun. 

Second video is an awesome performance by Grand Master Y.C. Wong and his long time disciple, Tony Wong Sifu, form 1991. Same set!

Interestingly (as noted by Charris Van’t Slot Sifu), the set contains a lot of techniques and combinations from the Wong Fei Hung’s “Son and Mother Double Knives” (Ji Mou Seung Dou).

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