5 PHK Projects for 2017: Please Vote in the Poll!

5 PHK Projects for 2017: Please Vote in the Poll!

Scholars and Warriors, readers of our PHK blog, students, and fans!  

First of all, thank you very much for all your support in 2016. Our PHK blog remains the #1 Hung Ga Kyun website on the web.

In 2016, we have published almost 50 articles, and over 100 videos at your official PHK YouTube Channel (subscribe HERE). We have launched some new social media channels, such as PHK Instagram (subcribe HERE).

Moreover, in summer of 2016 we have launched our first two online PHK courses – Chinese Martial Arts: The Secrets of the Old Grandmasters, and our flagship instructional course, PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts.

Both courses were a huge success – honestly, we where overwhelmed by the positive reception of the online instructional courses, and it has motived us to develop a follow up courses. 

We have many things in making. Some of the projects are in the stage of planning, some 50-80% finished, some almost done, like 95% done.

And this is where we need your help. The question is: AT WHAT PROJECT SHOULD WE AT PHK HEADQUARTERS FOCUS ON AND FINISH FIRST?

We are currently preparing:

PHK Self-Defense for the Street: “Eighteen Application Drills” [Online Course]

Aims and objective of the “Eighteen Application Drills” (Sap Baat Saan Sau) are simple:

  • To learn most important “self-defense” techniques of PHK Combatives
  • To have basic, simple and reliable self-protection game plan, fast to execute.
  • To cover all ranges (including clinch and ground fighting).
  • Incorporating striking tools, which are immediately ready without any special conditioning training

Sap Baat Saan Sau’s philosophy can be described as: “Set of personal combat principles applied to an intentionally limited number of simple self-defence fighting skills that are easily recalled under duress and able to be linked, creating short combative sequences.” (Modern combatives expert Kelly McCann). It is a mandatory program for all of our PHK beginners.

Combatives (Jin Dau)

PHK Sparring and Free Fighting [Online Course]

Various forms of sparring are the key to functional self-defense skills. We have developed a clear, step-by-step guide to sparring and free fighting, which will help you to learn the key combat skills, useful both in reality-based self-defense and a sport environment.

PHK Saan Da covers all 3 main phases of combat:

  • Unattached horizontal, i.e. free phase (kickboxing)
  • Attached vertical, i.e. various forms of stand-up grappling and clinch
  • Unttached or attached horizontal, i.e. ground fighting

Note: This is not another sport kickboxing instructional course. As our main objective is a functional self-protection “for the street”, all techniques are based on core Hung Kyun principles, tactics, and strategies.

Application Drills, Self-Defense and Free Fighting

PHK “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” [Online Course]

Many of our readers have asked for an instructional courses, devoted to Hung Kyun bare-handed and weapon sets. The first of the series will be “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun), one of the most popular Hung Ga sets. As you already know, our approach is quite different, so the course will cover not only the set, but also:

  • History of the set
  • Names of all techniques (Chinese characters, transcription, English translation)
  • Fundamental drills and fundamental application drills
  • 5 sections of the set
  • Reality-based self-protection drills and street combat scenarios
  • Sparring and free fighting methodology
  • Special conditioning drills

Complete Hung Kyun: The Definite Guide to Hung Ga Kyun’s History, Traditions, And Techniques [Ebook]

Currently over 600 entries:

  • Hung Kyun Lineages and Families
  • Founders, Ancestors and Grand Masters
  • Family System
  • Counting in Cantonese
  • Curriculum
  • Stances
  • Footwork
  • Four Types of Attack
  • Hand Techniques
  • Kicks
  • Empty-Hand Sets
  • Empty Hand Sparring Sets
  • Weapons
  • Weapon Sets
  • Weapon Sparring Sets
  • Other Terms

Jyu Yu Jai, Anecdotes of Wong Fei Hung [Ebook]

“Secret” project, in works over 3 years, and hard one – translation from old Chinese! Stories from the life of the father of “Modern Hung Kyun”, Wong Fei Hung, written by his grand student Jyu Yu Jai.

Jyu writtes:

Jyu writes: „Things that i wrote are all but facts. Given my rich experience of learning under my masters, there is no such thing as a need to invent stories. I dare not to cause unnecessary confusion.“

True story of Wong Fei Hung you say? Yes!

You will read fascinating details from Wong Fei Hung’s life, such as:

  • Wong Fei Hung’s family background
  • Young Wong Fei Hung a  street performer
  • Grudge of the martial world
  • Wong Fei Hung’s first challenge match
  • Left-handed fishing pole Master Jeng Daai Hung
  • Long pole fighting principles – secret tips from his father Wong Ke Ying
  • How a small kid can fight a grown up man?
  • Challenge fight between young Wong Feihung and Jeng Sifu!
  • Shaolin skill of Sei Jeung
  • Wong Feihung’s family life
  • Wong Feihung’s lion dance skill
  • Story of the „Tigress“ Mok Gwai Laan
  • Taam Saam and Wong Fei Hung
  • Unique skill of “Eight Trigram Long Pole”
  • Long pole challenge match between the young tiger and old wolf
  • And more!

Wong Fei Hung Book

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I wish you “Strong Horse” and “Iron Bridge” in 2017!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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