Free Poster Download: Tribute to the Masters of Hung Ga Kyun

Hung Ga Kyun Tribute Poster DownloadLegendary Hung Ga Kyun Grand Masters of the past, Masters of today – the origins, the roots.

Download a special Hung Kyun Tribute Poster, designed by long time friend and disciple of Pavel Macek Sifu, Karel Moc.

Karel is one of the most gifted progressive Czech designers, who has helped our association with graphic design on numerous occassions. We higly reccomend his service – You can contact him at karelmoc at

You can download 2 different versions of the printable poster as well as wallpaper below.

Please right click the images and use “save as… ” option to download the high resolution images.

Hung Ga Kyun Free Download - Trubute PosterHung Ga Kyun Free Download - Trubute PosterHung Ga Kyun Free Download - Trubute Poster

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