Hung Ga Kyun’s Core Curriculum: Bare Fists, Knives and Long Pole

Hung Ga Kyun’s Core Curriculum: Bare Fists, Knives and Long Pole

Lam Sai Wing’s disciple Jyu Yu Jai often quotes 4 character mnemonic: “Fists, Kicks, Knives and Long pole” (Kyun, Geuk, Dou, Gwan), summarizing the essence of Southern Chinese martial arts.

Popular Southern Chinese martial arts saying goes: “Barefisted techniques are the seed, long pole is the master, double knives are father and mother.” (Kyun Wai Jung, Gwan Wai Si, Seung Dou Wai Fu Mou).

The description fits very well many Southern systems – one of the first that comes to mind is of course Wing Cheung Kyun with its 3 bare-handed sets, Double Knives and Long Pole (in most of the lineages), plus Wooden Dummy Set (also bare-handed techniques; some of the lineages have Gwan Jong, Long Pole Dummy).

How about Hung Ga Kyun?

Core curriculum of “modern Hung Kyun” (San Hung Kyun, ie. post Wong Fei Hung) consists of three pillar bare-handed sets,so called “Three Treasures of Hung  Kyun” (Hung Kyun Saam Bou):

Hung Ga Kyun Weapons arsenal? No difference of course:

Bare Fists, Knives and Long Pole – simple, conceise curriculum, so calle “Seeds of the Systems”, Kyun Jung, often reffered in the West as “Pillars”.

Do we have more stuff to learn and practice? Of course, but make sure you eat your steak and vegetables first – dessert is optional. The basics of Practical Hung Kyun are taught in our PHK Intro Kit.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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