5 Aspects of Reality Based Self-Defense: Speed, Accuracy, Power, Hardness and Ruthlessness!

Our Practical Hung Kyun self-defense game plan goes like this: Learn to recognize the threat and whenever possible, avoid, escape or verbaly de-escalate. That is 99% of all self-defence and yes, it has to be learned and trained.

If this is not an option, don’t wait for the other guy to attack first and strike pre-emptively – fast, accurately, with power, hard and without holding back, as the Chinese masters say, Faai, Jeun, Ging, Ngaang, Han! Fighting is definitely not just about the techniques.

Practical Hung Kyun: 5 Aspects of Self-Defence

Let’s have quick look at these aspects:

Practical Hung Kyun: 5 Aspects of Self-DefenceSpeed: Chinese martial arts saying goes: „It is better to be fast then know 100 techniques“. We are training not only to be faster, but also to be able to deliver „punches in bunches“, ie. combinations (so called Lin Waan concept). Various soft and loosening exercises are a must for developing speed, as well as correct technique and body mechanics.

Accuraccy: Did you notice how many UFC fights get stopped because of an accidental groing kick or eye poke? Well, that is accuracy. Do you prefer to be kicked to the leg or to the groin (Liu Yam Teui!)? Hit to the chest or to the throat (Chaap Cheui!)? Poked to the eyes of forehead (Fu Jaau!)?

Power: Coordinated and focused full body explosive trained power (Ging) – generated from the ground up.

Hardness: Hitting the opponent with hard, with sharpened „weapon“ – fists, palm, claws, elbow, knee etc. „Hard“ does not mean „stiff“ – remember, the techniques have to be fast and explosive.

Hung Kyun is often described as „Hard Bridge, Hard Stance“ (Ngaang Kiu Ngaang Ma), however theatrical screaming, making faces and tensing muscles does’t have anything to do with power and hardness.

Practical Hung Kyun: 5 Aspects of Self-DefenceRuthlessnes, merciless, cruelty. Fighting is a violent endeavour and the predatory mindset is one of the most important aspects of the training. It is said that „if you are merciful to your opponent, you ar cruel to yourself“.

Train these skills when doing your basic drills, sets, when you hit sandbag or when working on your application drills and self-defence scenarios. Protective gear is a must – going full speed, full power is the key.

As the saying goes: “It is better to avoid than to have to run away, it is better to run away than to have to defend oneself verbally, it is better to defend oneself verbally than to fight, it is better to fight than to be injured, maimed or killed.”

So or so, don’t forget we we want to help people, not hurt them (…if not necessary; if necessary, well, you know what to do).

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Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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