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Y.C. Wong Hung Ga Gung Fu School Demo, 1974 (Rare Video)

Y.C. Wong Hung Ga Gung Fu School Demo, 1974 (Rare Video)Hung Ga “Double Headed Staff Sparring Set”, “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” and famous “Plum Blossom Double Steel Whips”, performed by Grand Master Y. C. Wong in 1974.

The video was taken using Super 8mm movie camera of a 13″ B&W TV screen, so please excuse the quality. Nevertheless, an awesome blast form the past, showing true Hung Ga skills. Continue reading


“Traveller Monk’s Staff” (Hang Je Paang)

Practical Hung Kyun 4th Kap - "Traveller Monk’s Staff” (Hang Je Paang)Origins of the “Traveller Monk’s Staff” (Hang Je Paang) are not very clear – most sources date it to the times of Wong Feihung and before. Grandmaster Lam Jou practiced this form with a short introduction from the “Monkey Style” (Hau Kyun) and several techniques in the form actually carry “monkey” names – one of the many alternative names of this form is indeed the “Monkey Staff” (Hau Ji Gwan). This weapon form is a tribute to the legendary hero of the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, Monkey King Syun Ng Hung (in standardized Chinese Sun Wu Kong), also called Syun Hang Je (Hang Je meaning “traveller monk”), whose favorite weapon was a magical “Wishing Staff” (Yu Yi Paang) that could grow to any size according to the will of its master. Continue reading