“Big Circling Moon Double Knives” (Daai Hang Yut Seung Dou)

Hung Ga Kyun Double Butterfly KnivesOne of the most typical weapons in Southern Chinese martial art styles are “Two Southern Knives” (Seung Naam Dou).

Names and the techniques of the double knives sets differ in various styles – “Butterfly Knives” (Wu Dip Seung Dou), “Human Character Knives”” (Yan Ji Dou), “Eight Cutting Knives” (Baat Jaam Dou), “Parallel Yin and Yang Life Taking Knives” (Yi Ji Yam Yeung Dyun Ming Dou) etc.

Mok Gwai Laan - "Son and Mother Double Knives" (Ji Mou Seung Dou)Wong Feihung was famed for his weapon form called “Son and Mother Double Knives” (Ji Mou Seung Dou); however, his student Lam Saiwing did not learn this form from him – in his family, the “Geui Chung’s Big Circling Moon Double Knives” (Geui Chung Daai Hang Yut Seung Dou) have been passed on for generations.

“Geui Chung’s Knives” (Geui Chung Dou, named after one of the Lam Sai Wing’s ancestors, Lam Geui Chung) or “Circling Moon Double Knives” (Hang Yut Dou, after one of the typical techniques) are together with the “Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung) and the “Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan) the unique Siu Lam Paai heritage of the Lam family – one bare-handed set and two weapons sets that are did not come from Wong Fei Hung. They were passed on secretly through the male lineage of the Lam family – Lam Sai Wing was the first, who started teaching them outside of the family.

Chinese Soldier with "Double Knives" (Seung Dou)The techniques of the two knives of the Lam family come from the Siulam temple. One of the predecessors of the Lam family, Lam Geui Chung, also called Lam Saam Gung, Lam Saiwing´s grand-uncle (brother of Lam Sai Wing´s grandfather) was an excellent fighter with two knives – he spent about 10 years training with them and refining the technique, the result of which was this form.

“Double Knives” expand on the techniques of the “Commander´s Saber” (Daan Ji Fai Dou) and are a typical representation of paired weapons of Practical Hung Kyun. The set has a typical southern structure – most of the techniques are performed in both directions. After the double-ended staff, two knives are another form that develops ambidexterity, ie. the ability to use both hands with equal skill. To develop strength, the form is often practiced with special heavy practice knives.

Grand Master Jiu Wai and Jiu Gaau - "Double knives vs. Spear" (Seung Dou Deui Cheung)The set is followed by practicing various application drills (especially against a barehanded opponent, an opponent with a short or a long weapon or several armed/unarmed opponents – bth with one and two knives) and “sparring drills” against short and long weapons, but especially knife vs. knife, practiced with smaller modern combat folders.

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