Tiger Claw School: A Brief Biography of Wong Moon Toy

Tiger Claw School: A Brief Biography of Wong Moon Toy

Wong Moon Toy’s ancestral home is Leung Dung, Saam Se, Toi Saan, Gwong Dung province. He is forty-three years old now. Already from an early age he liked sports very much and learned Northern Chinese martial arts from Lau Juk Fung, a student of Fok Yun Gaap (Huo Yuan Jia).

A student of my sifu [Lam Sai Wing], called Lei Kin Ling, told Wong Moon Toy about my Sifu and his skills. As a result, Wong Moon Toy wanted to learn from my sifu. Wong Moon Toy has also learned the “Tiger Claw Style”, from Wong Biu Hung to be exact. Wong Biu Hung was a student of my Si Jou, Wong Fei Hung, and was skilled in the tiger claw techniques.

Wong Moon Toy has a school in New York, USA, for over ten years now and has many students. He also offers ditda treatments there. Wong Moon Toy is also in the restaurant and publishing business.

Wong Lung Fei and Fong Wing Cheung are very outstanding young men. They are students of Wong Moon Toy. The spread of our Gung Fu abroad is the merit of Wong Moon Toy. We appreciate his contribution to the spread very much.

Note: Written by Wong Man Kai, based on submitted information. Wong Man Kai was a student of Lam Sai Wing. Wong Man Kai uses the word Si Jou as a very respectful form of Si Gung (only common when the Si Gung has passed away).

Translation: Charris van’t Slot Sifu, Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book.

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