Hung Kyun’s “Asking the Bridge” in MMA [VIDEO]

Hung Kyun’s “Asking the Bridge” in MMAConor McGregor using Hung Ga’s “Double Tiger Claw” – and Max Holloway is not exactly happy on the receiving end!

Well… no, Conor of course doesn’t practice Hung Kyun, he is a MMA fighter, and although the technique on the pic looks exactly like our “Double Tiger Claw” (Seung Fu Jaau), it is something else. Watch the fight again.


But! Conor is indeed a master of using a very typical Hung Kyun tactics of “Asking the Bridge” (Man Kiu). 

Man Kiu is sometimes compared to Wing Cheun’s “Sticky Hands” (Chi Sau), Taijiquan’s “Pushing Hands” (Tui Shou), or similar exercises in e.g. Filipino martial arts and other systems.

Those who are familiar with our PHK methodology certainly know that we are not exactly friends of these methods. Why is that? 99% of the schools spent time on just chasing hands – with maybe punching the chest or unbalancing the opponent – with zero transfer to actual fighting.

The problem, however, is not with the method per se – the problem is that Chi Sau/Tui Shou as drills to develop certain skills substituted the skills and became fighting without fighting, and are very seldom put back into the equation.

“Sticking” and “Trappping” are indeed useful skills – if they are put back in the context of the different ranges whole fight: kicking, striking, controlling the range, controlling opponent’s limbs, setting up attacks, going from the kickboxing range to the clinch range (and back), fighting in the clinch range, etc. etc.

Check out the perfect example in the video below. 

Isolate, but never forget to integrate, otherwise you become a master of isolated, and in the fight useless drill. 

Special thanks to our friend and colleague David Langford for the video link.

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