Kwan Tak-Hing as Wong Fei Hung Performs Long Pole [VIDEO]

Kwan Tak-Hing as Wong Fei Hung Performs  Long Pole video

Long pole was one of Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung’s specialities. It is said that in 1859 he was together with his father Wong Kei Ying traveling through Gwong Dung province and giving martial arts performance  in various cities, such as Fat Saan, Canton and Seun Dak.

At that time – as a teenager! – he defeated famous master Jeng Dai Hung and his “Left Hand Fishing Pole” (Jo Sau Tiu Yu Gwan) by using techniques from the “Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole” (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan) and acquired a nickname “Young Hero”. 

Kwan Tak-Hing, as we all know, was not a Hung Kyun practitioner, but his Wong Fei Hung is THE Wong Fei Hung, period. We all love Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu, or Jet Li, but Kwan’s Wong Fei Hung is hard to beat.

Kwan Tak-Hing has shown his long pole skills in many Wong Fei Hung movies – check out below a short clip from  his last movies, Dreadnaught (1981).

Kwan Tak-Hing as Wong Fei Hung Performs Six-and-Half Long Pole | Practical Hung Kyun

Apart from the superb long pole skills, notice the portrait’s of the late grandmasters of Hung Kyun, Luk A Choi, Lam Fuk Sing, and Wong Kei Ying, as well as ancestral tablet of the “White Crane Immortal” (Baak Hok Sin Si).

If you are interested in learning more about Hung Kyun’s long pole, please make sure to check out the translation of the 2 different classical texts about “Ng Long’s Eight Diagram Pole” in the Lam Sai Wing’s “Taming the Tiger” Manual and Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book.

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