The Essence of the Southern Fists: “Make Friends through the Practice of Martial Arts”

Essence of the Southern Fists: "Make Friends through the Practice of Martial Arts"

The best of Southern Chinese martial arts, reality-based self-defence, and combat sports – a truly unique event!

Hung Kyun, Hap Kyun, Wing Cheun, Choi Lei Fat, MMA – traditional and modern styles – all of that at our 16th PHK Camp, who should be this year rather called Naam Kyun Jing Wa Camp, “Essence of the Southern Fists”.

Like every year we have organised a training camp together with our brother school of  Ivan Rzounek Sifu (Wing Cheun/Choi Lei Fat).

This year, however, we had a special guest form abroad, David Rogers Sifu (UK) from the Rising Crane Centre, renowned Masters of southern Chinese Hap Kyun, Taijiquan, TCM doctor and one of the top MMA coaches in UK.

And when our friend Lukáš Slavíček Sifu (Choi Lei Fat, Baak Mei, Southern Mantis) arrived from the Chinese Fat Saan, it looked like a gathering of “Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung” – the most famous Southern Chinese style ins the heart of Europe!

This year we had a lot of stuff on the menu – “Internal Training”, pad drills, Hap Kyun “Long Bridges” drills and combos, strength & conditioning, self-defence, and sparring. That is the reason why this year we will publish miniseries of videos instead of one longer one. Below is just a small sneak preview.

Students, thank you. David, Ivan – huge thank you. 

Crosstraining & the friendship of “Southern Fists” FTW! 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun


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