Chinese Martial Arts, Please Wake Up! [3 Videos]

Chinese martial arts vs. MMA

You have probably seen the MMA fighter vs. Taiji “fighter” challenge match. Defeat in 10 seconds.  Are you surprised? We are not.

People say that the Taiji guy does not represent Taijiquan or Chinese martial arts in general.

You know what? He represents all CMA bullshit, all that is with Chinese martial arts wrong. 99% of today’s CMA martial artists would end up exactly the same. 

This is a video of the fight.


Btw., the  Taiji teacher said in a post-fight interview claiming that if he’d used his internal power, his challenger might’ve been killed…

And now check this:

A Chinese tycoon is offering a total of 10 million yuan ($US1.45 million) to anyone who can defeat the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who sparked a storm over the merits of traditional martial arts versus modern combat.

Chen Sheng, the multimillionaire entrepreneur who founded the Tiandi No. 1 drinks company, has raised the stakes to “defend the dignity” of martial artists after tai chi master Wei Lei was pounded into submission in under 10 seconds by MMA fighter, coach and promoter Xu Xiaodong.


CMA vendetta agains MMA?

More than 20 years after the first UFC?!

Chinese martial arts, where have you been all these years? Sleeping in the Ming dynasty, practicing the secret and deadly form in silk pyjama, or watching Shaw Bros movies?

OK, second video:

And finally this excellent analysis by our friend and all-round martial artist (Hap Ga, Hung Kyun, Taijiquan, MMA),  David Rogers Sifu of Rising Crane:

Our official statement is not needed – just read our mission statement, a path that we follow for years. There is a reason why our school is called PRACTICAL Hung Kyun.

MMA is not an enemy – it is one of the best things that happened to martial arts. Chinese martial arts  don’t suck – the training methods, fairy tales, and sectarianism suck. Waste no time, get our PHK Intro Kit, and start to train realistic, functional skills.

EDIT: Fourth video – must see, so true.

Do Chinese martial arts need modernisation?

Check out all the videos above, then scroll down, and share your comments.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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