Can You Defend Yourself Against the Most Common Types of Real-Life Street Attacks?

Can You Defend Yourself Against the Most Common Types of Real-Life Street Attacks?

PHK’s “Eighteen Application Drills” (Sap Baat Saan Sau, SBSS) is a series of 18 unarmed self-protection techniques and short combat sequences, covering all 3 ranges/phases.

Sap Baat Saan Sau is a mandatory program for all our PHK beginners (1st Kap).

SBSS’s philosophy can be described as:

“Set of personal combat principles applied to an intentionally limited number of simple self-defence fighting skills that are easily recalled under duress and able to be linked, creating short combative sequences.”

(Modern combatives expert Kelly McCann).

SBSS cover 3 main phases of combat:

  • Unattached horizontal, i.e. free phase (“kickboxing”)
  • Attached vertical, i.e. various forms of stand-up grappling and clinch – strikes and kicks included!
  • Unttached or attached horizontal, i.e. ground fighting

The paragraphs above are from our detailed PHK Combatives Instructor’s ManualBelow is a short footage of some of the SBSS from our PHK Training Camp, and a bit more from the manual.

Aims and Objectives

  • To learn most important “self-defense” techniques
  • To have basic, simple and reliable self-protection game plan, fast to execute (Hick‘s Law – the more choices, the more time to decide).
  • To cover all ranges (including clinch and ground fighting).
  • Incorporating striking tools, which are immediately ready without any special Lin Gung training, such as „Straight Palms“ (Jing Jeung), „Low Palms“ (Dai Jeung)/Claws, „Chopping Strikes“ (Pek Cheui), knees (Hei Sat) and elbows (Gung Jaang).

SBSS Instructional video series in progress! For time being, please master the fundamentals featured in our PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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