We are PRACTICAL Hung Kyun [Video + A Dozen of Tips]

We are PRACTICAL Hung Kyun

Movement, strength, and usage are 3 main building blocks of PHK Pyramid. 

Read a dozen of practical training tips and watch a short action trailer from our 15th PHK Summer Camp!   

  • Internal Breathing Exercises (Noi Gung)

Relax, smile, and enjoy the exercise.

  • Joint Mobility Drills (Ling Wut Sing)

Reps = your age. Example: If you are 36 years old, do 36 reps od each drill.

  • “Three Stances” (Saam Ma Sik)

Tilt the pelvis in  “Bow and Arrow Stance” (Ji Ng Ma), point the belly button up, turn the rear hip forward.

  • “Stance Training” (Jaat Ma)

Pull your hips out of the sockets, make a tall spine. If you stand correctly, int is actually quite easy and pleasant exercise.

  • “Strength Training” (Lin Gung)

Get StrongFirst!

  • “The Art of Relaxation” (Lin Gung)

The key to speed, explosive power, stamina, and regeneration. Do the drills between the sets and exercises.

  • Basic Boxing Techniques (Kyun Faat)

1-2 is a foundation for everything else.

  • Set (Kyun Tou)

For next 30 days, choose just one set, and practice it 3x a day, every day.

  • Combatives (Jin Dau)

Keep your hands up, fake, and hit first. It has to be a grenade!

  • Sparring (Saan Da)

Don’t stay in front of him – brawling is a Russian roulette, not martial art. Press him, or draw him, use sidesteps to create the angle and bang! (bang! – BANG!).

  • Stretching (Yau Gwat Gung)

Light stretching every day, 3x-4x a week more intensive session. Last thing in the training or in the day.

  • Final Advice

Consistency beats intensity. Practice not only things you like, but things you need.

Discples, thank you for an awesome week. Tek, Da, Seut, Na – Sat Yung Hung Kyun! 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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