Wong Fei Hung’s Challenge Match

Wong Fei Hung Challenge Match

Wong Fei Hung “once defeated a group of thirty men at the same time with a pole in hand”, says  the “Tigress”, Madame Mok Gwai Laan, his last wife in the interview for Real Kung Fu magazine (available in Real Hung Kyun, the complete collection of all Hung Ga Kyun articles from Real Kung Fu).

We don’t know much details  – his official biography from Fat Saan museum talks about incident in 1868 in Hong Kong harbor, where Wong Fei Hung defeated a local bully and about a dozen of the bad guy’s henchmen with a long pole.

So or so, his skill with single-ended pole were extraordinary. No wonder that many of the movies about Grand Master Wong Fei Hung feature various  long pole fight sequences.

Check out one of the oldest – and excellent!-  choreography of single-ended long pole fighting from a 1953 movie called “Wong Fei Hung’s Challenge Match” also known as “How Wong Fei Hung Defeated Three Bullies with a Single Long Pole”.

Apart form long pole fight you can see a chain whip, three-persons sparring set “Sabre vs. Two Spears”(Daan Dou Chaak Seung Ying Cheung), “Sabre vs. Spear” (Daan Dou Chaak Ying Cheung) and other fighting sequences.

Wong Fei Hung’s Challenge Match on YouTube

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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