“Tiger Claws” in Action! The Challenge Match is over in 1 Second [Video]

"Tiger Claws" in Action! The Challenge Match is over in 1 Second [Video]

A challenge match, no rules! US Green Beret vs. Peruvian Special Forces officer.

Green Beret (practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo) ends the fight immediately using one of the typical PHK techniques called “Tiger Springs on Railing” (Fu Pok Laan Saan), which can be found in our “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun) or “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun).

Check out the video, which also shows the technique performed by my Sifu, Grand Master Lam Chun Sing.

The accompanying photo of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing comes from the Taming the Tiger ManualEnglish translation available HERE!


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