Complete Hung Kyun Book Project

Complete Hung Kyun Book Project

The definitive guide to Hung Ga Kyun’s history, techniques and traditions.

What do you say? 

I am recently going through my archives – old articles, rare manuscripts, translations, notes, videos, and dozen of other unfinished projects.

Lots of stuff. Lots of.

Years ago I have compiled a concise Cantonese-English Hung Kyun Vocabulary for me and our PHK students – basic terminology, techniques and other useful terms, just few pages.

The project slowly evolved to another project with a working title Concise Encyclopedy of Hung Kyun.

Enter the third stage – Complete Hung Kyun: The Definitive Guide to Hung Ga Kyun’s History, Techniques and Traditions.

Complete Hung Kyun Book Project

So far it covers following topics: 

  • Hung Kyun Lineages and Families
  • Founders, Ancestors and Grand Masters
  • Family System
  • Counting in Cantonese
  • Curriculum
  • Stances
  • Footwork
  • Four Types of Attack
  • Hand Techniques
  • Kicks
  • Empty-Hand Sets
  • Empty Hand Sparring Sets
  • Weapons
  • Weapon Sets
  • Weapon Sparring Sets
  • Other Terms

Few dozens of pages so far, but – this manuscript took me 20 years to compile – lots of research of various Hung Ga Kyun lineages, including Lam family, Dang Fong family, Mok Gwai Laan, Chan Hon Chung family, Chiu family, Lau family, as well as various “Old Hung Kyun” branches such as “Five Animals Hung Kyun”, “Triple Stretch Hung Kyun”, Red Boats Hung Kyun” etc.

Each entry has a correct romanization of Cantonese (Yale), traditional Chinese characters, and English translation, as you can see below:

Complete Hung Kyun Excerpt

The plan is not only expand the number of entries – currently almost 500 entries – but add a detailed explanation to each of the entries: biographies of the masters, explanation of the techniques, history of various sets, etc.

As it will take a lot of time and hard work, the question is – is there an interest for such work

Should I proceed and devote my time to such a project?

What do you think about following idea:

  • We will publish the first version of the manuscript and make it available for general public to download for a special limited time launch price  – $20? $30? I don’t know, something like that. Please think of “donation” to support the ongoing project, not “purchase”.
  • We will regularly update and expand the book, entry by entry – those who will purchase it will be able to download a new versions, free of charge.
  • The supporters of the Complete Hung Kyun project will be informed about the new version via our PHK Newsletter.

So, let me ask you again – what do you think? Are you in? Are you willing to support such project?

Please let me know in the comments bellow the article. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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