Wong Man Kai – Discussion of Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun

Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book: Hung Ga kyun Master Wong Man KaiWong Man Kai was one of the closest disciples of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing – he was also one of the main editors of the precious tribute to the late Grand Master – Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book, published in 1951.

Practical Hung Kyun presents his short study on famous “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying).

Master Wong Man Kai writes:

Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book: Wong Man kai - Brief Discussion of Tiger and Crane Double Form (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun)Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun, the Tiger-Crane Set, is one of the fist methods of our Kung Fu style. This set was created by my sijou, Wong Fei Hung. He used to be an instructor of the Lau and the Ng army troops. He became famous and has met many other good Kung Fu teachers. He picked the good points of different Kung Fu styles and then created the set Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun.

The tiger style trains the breathing and power. The actions are slow, sounding like anger and looking like a mountain being pushed over, the sea being turned over, a dragon running and a tiger jumping. The crane style, on the other hand, trains the spirit. The actions are fast, just like a hare that is running.

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun also uses the strong points of the Kung Fu styles Hung, Mok, Hap and Fat as a reference. The set contains hard and soft techniques, as well as long and short ranged techniques. In addition, the set contains attacks and defenses.

To put it briefly, it is the most representative fist method of our style. This set is very unique in the Kung Fu world. If the student practices the techniques of this set very hard and understands them well, then he will find the techniques to be very useful in the future.

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Grand Master Lam Sai Wing School Altar

Lam Sai Wing School AltarThe famous Lam Sai Wing School Altar was made by Wong Man Kai and given as a special gift to Grand Master Lam Jou. Practical Hung Kyun has restored the original four parts altar from the Late Grand Master Lam Jou’s Kowloon school and gives it away as a special bonus to all Hung Ga Kyun fans.

It is suitable for framing and hanging in your school or at your home.

Pay the respect to the first patriarch of Lam Family Hung Kyun, venerable Lam Sai Wing, and help to promote the art of Hung Kyun and Chinese culture in general.

Top: First Generation Patriarch

Left and right: Just As a High Mountain You Face, The Martial Virtues Will Last Forever.


Heaven given talent, divine and mighty,
Strongest in the Southern China,
Patriarch of the Tiger Crane School,
Developed to glory and prosperity.
Disciples like a peaches and plums planted everywhere,
Most honorable first generation patriarch,
Martial Virtues Passed on Brightly,
Will be spread and taught forever.

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