„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ [RARE VIDEO]

„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan Deui Chaak)„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan Deui Chaak) was composed by Lam family Hung Kyun’s first patriarch , Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. It complements and expands the application drills from the original Baat Gwa Gwan set.

Long pole sparring set consists of eight technique combinations , covering all basic angles and directions. All drills are separated by so Yam-Yeung Gwan, lower/upper clash of the poles. The drills are taught separately first, and later they are joined to a set for better remembering:

  • “Sticky Pole“ (Chi Gwan); low and high spear vs. lower and upper block
  • Middle spear vs. cover
  • Middle spear vs. vertical middle block (Jung Laan) and transversal strike
  • Leaking, circling and strike with the other side of the pole vs. evasion and upper gate attack
  • Eight Diagram footwork (Jau Baat Gwa)
  • Long spear
  • “Four Phenomena“ (Sei Jeung) – 4 attacks (2x lower gate, 2x  upper gate ) vs. 4 blocks
  • Knocking off with the other end of the pole, attack form the top down, Taai Gik circle)
  • Leaking and upper gates attacks, retreat and slanting block vs. turn, double block, jump and slanted attack

Rare vintage video of Hung Ga “Eight Trigrams Long Pole Sparring Set” from The Story of Wong Fei-Hung, Part Three: the Battle by Lau Fa Bridge (1950). Performed by Grand Master Chan Hon Chung.

„Eight Diagram Long Pole Sparring Set“ is of the best transitional tools form application drills to sparring drils and eventually free fencing. The practitioners select two drills and practice them first in a given order, later freely alternate the techniques.

The number of drills slowly expands and the practice slowly but gradually transits to free fencing. Our Practical Hung Kyun uses special custom made long poles with protective padding, allowing us full speed free fencing.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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