Mount: One of the Worst Ground Fighting Situations and How to Get Our of It

You got knocked down or taken down, and now the adversary is sitting on you and giving you bad beating.

In the positional hierarchy it is one of the worst positions – and if you instinctively roll to your belly, you will get even to worst position. You will not seen adversary’s incoming punches, or you will get choked out.

This is how it looks in in real, on the street. Warning – violent video!

One of the worst ground fighting situations: Mount and ground’n’pound

In the video below you will find one of the solutions – a combat sequence from our “Twelve Application Drills” (Sap Yi Saan Sau), a minimalistic PHK self-protection programs that is mandatory for all of our beginners. It covers standup fighting, clinch, ground-fighting and basic weapon defence. The drill below is also a part of our PHK MMA curriculum.

The sequence is demonstrated by my students Petr (bottom) and Pavel (top).

  • Pavel is mounted on Peter (“Arhat Rides a Dragon”) a starts to beat the sh*t out of him. No good.
  • Because Pavel is sitting in so called “high mount” and can “ride it” very well, Petr does a single leg bridge and kicks Pavel with his other knee (“Immortal Stretches the Waist”).
  • Pavel needs to break the fall with his hands. Petr locks his arms behind Pavel’s back, using so called S-grip, and slides up. Pavel wants to continue with strikes, but any time he lifts one of his hands, he loses one point of contact, and Petr pulls him immediately to that side.
  • Finally the escape! Petr traps both leg and arm of one side, bridges again, pushes Pavel with his free hand, and turns (“Carp Turns in the Water”).
  • Petr immediately controls Pavel’s biceps. If this was a street fight, he would immediately headbutt Pavel to open up his guard (“Arhat Prays to Buddha” to counter “Moon Belt Surrounds the Waist”), and get up back to his feet, which is always the priority.

PHK Ground Fighting: Mount Reversal | Practical Hung Kyun

The overal game plan is simple: If you get to the ground, get into better position and stand up as soon as possible. 

The intro techniques from our “PHK Twelve Application Drills” of course deal with a standup fighting and takedown defence, as we want to avoid the ground at all costs in most of the situations, but – we need to have a backup plan for all “what if… “ situations.

You too.

But first things first – master the fundamental skills from our PHK Intro Kit, and you will be ready for all future PHK modules, such as “Twelve Application Drills” or the first set.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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