Chinese Martial Arts in MMA: First PHK Fighter in the Cage, First Victory [Video]

Chinese Martial Arts in MMA: First PHK Fighter in the Cage, First Victory

Jakub Simon (PHK Gym Jihlava) fought in his first MMA fight at MMAA Arena Cup. First PHK fighter in MMA cage (and as far as we know, first Chinese martial arts fighter in Czechia in MMA), first victory!

Please check out the video of the fight below. 

Jakub (in the beginning of the fight closer to the camera) “Asked the Bridge” (Man Kiu) to establish the distance, and switched to “continuos press and attack” (Lin Waan Bak Da) to get into the clinch, where he used his favourite uppercuts (“Through the Sky Punch”, Tung Tin Cheui) and knee kicks (“Single Leg Flying Crane”, Duk Geuk Fei Hok).

His opponent took Jakub down, but following the game plan of  „sprawl  ’n ’ brawl“ and not to get invloved in the grappling on the ground, Jakub used the fence to get up (if you saw the kettlebell get-up movement pattern ,you saw it right – it is one of the many reasons we train it).

Few more light exchanges, pressing attack, clinch, uppercut, knees, finish.

Hung Ga Kyun in MMA: First PHK Fighter in the Cage, First Victory [Video]

Congratulations to Jakub and his coach Michal Hink (PHK Gym Jihlava).

Let this first victory be the first of many coming in the near future. In 2017/2018 we are going to launch a special project with a code name “Ten Tigers of PHK” – Chinese martial arts in MMA. Stay tuned for more info soon!

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Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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