Functional Self-Defense Sequence: Strike, Kick, Takedown, Choke [Video]

Functional Self-Defense Sequence: Strike, Kick, Takedown, Choke [Video]

“Combat Sequences” (Wui Hap) ar one of the best bridges between “Application Drills” (Saan Sau), various forms of sparring, and free fighting.

Wui Hap consist of more techniques – sometimes they are pre-arranged, sometimes more free, using a key training (and fighting!) principle called Bin Fa – “variation”, “change”, or “adaptation”.

Today’s video presents a short combat sequence, which contains all four main modes of the unarmed combat, i.e. kicks, strikes, throws, and submissions, in Chinese Tek, Da, Seut, Na

  • Adam attacks with a right overhand/haymaker – one of the most common street-fighting techniques.
  • Vojta covers his head – “Put on a Steel Helmet –  enters, immediately transitions into the clinch, and without hesitation delivers a groin kick. Adam bends over – Vojta applies frontal choke, “Hide the Peach in the Armpit”, commonly called guillotine in today’s no-holds-barred fighting.
  • Adam however reacts soon enough and doesn’t allow Vojta to secure the choke. He steps in forward, looks up, get’s rid of the choking hand, and grabs Vojta’s testicles with “Monkey Steals the Peach” technique. No worries, both students of course wear a cup.
  • Adam gets to Vojta’s back, delivers a painful knee kick to Vojta’s tailbone (“Single Leg, Flying Crane”), and takes him down. Adam applies a rear-naked choke – “Butterfly Folds its Wings”. Please notice that he applies the choke in the half kneeling position. If Adam would transition in so called back-mount, he would have more control, but the kneeling position allows him to let go of the choke if needed and immediately get up, for example in the multiple opponent’s scenario.

Once you master the fundamentals, present step by step in our flagship program PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts, it is very easy to plug in any of our PHK combat sequences such as this one. 

Train smart, keep it real.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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