A Key Phase of the Combat and Techniques That Might Decide Who Wins [Video]

Practical Hung Kyun Wrestling Techniques

TekDaSeutNa are four important Chinese martial arts keywords.

Do you know what they mean? 

If not, don’t worry, I will tell you in a second. But first read this. 

PHK focuses on three main phases of combat:

#1 = kickboxing range. Before you say (like many people watching our sparring videos) “this is just kickboxing, not Gung Fu!”, let me remind you that one of the traditional idioms for Chinese martial arts is Kyun Geuk, i.e. “box kicking”. If you are striking and kicking, you are “box kicking”. The opponents are non-attached, free to move. Learn the fundamentals in our PHK Intro Kit.

#2 = clinch, which involves two opponents grabbing each other – clothes, wrists, biceps, arms (overhook, underhook), neck, body, etc., various modes of unbalancing the opponent, knee kicks, elbow strikes and other modes of dirty boxing (including groin shots, bitting, and spitting). As most of the throws and takedowns are executed in this range, it is one of the crucial phases of combat: It decides if the fight goes to the ground, who goes to the ground, and how.

Practical Hung Kyun Wrestling Techniques [Video]

#3 = ground fighting. Reality-based self-defense tries to avoid ground fighting at all costs, but – to be a all-rounded fighter, you simply must practice the ground fighting/ground survival phase of combat, especially the positioning skills, how to fight on your back (with your opponent in you guard or even worse, mounted), and how to get up to your feet safely, escape, or continue to fight.

OK, back to the beginning. Tek – Da – Seut –Na means “Kicks – Strikes – Takedowns – Locks”, four main methods of attack. Kicks and especially strikes can be applied in all ranges. Takedowns from the first or second phase, locks work best on the ground.

Video above from our PHK Gym Jihlava, led by my senior student Michal Hink, shows few ideas how to apply some of the Hung Kyun throwing/wrestling/takedown techniques (Seut Faat) from various ranges.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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