Aggressive “Self-Defense” Hung Kyun Way: No Matter What, I Will…

Hung Ga Kyun Self-DefenceA typical self-defense class: If the opponent does this, i do this, if he does that, i do that… You know what i mean, right? Right?

Well, let us examine little bit different view on reality-based “self-defense”, (Practical) Hung Kyun way.

Jyu Yu Jai writes in his book on Lam Sai Wing’s “Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun), #67:

“Curl and Fist [strike]” (Yat Chau Yat Kyun) technique: Regardless what technique [the opponent uses], i use “Curl and Strike” (Yat Chau Yat Cheui) pattern. This fist [technique is called] “Wood-Clamping Strike Combination” (Lin Waan Gaap Muk Cheui) with left and right advancing steps.

The important keywords to note are:

  • Mou Leun, meaning “no matter what”, “no matter how”, “regardless”

“If the opponent does A, i do X, if he does B, i do Y… ” … no, nothing like this. You are not going to give the opponent a chance to attack you first. If he manages to attack first (something that should never happen in an ideal world – avoid, run away, verbally de-escalate, you know the drill, but you know… ), do not care what he does, step in and hit hard… and again and again. That brings us to the next bullet point.

  • Lin Waan, “continuous”

Reciprocal exchange is not a good game plan. It is not “his turn – my – turn – his turn – my turn” – it is “my turn – my turn, MY TURN, MY TURN!” Punches in bunches – MMA fans, think young Vitor Belfort.

  • Jeun Bou, “advancing steps”

Use the zig-zag “Three Stars Steps” (Saam Gok Bou) and push the opponent to his heels, let him stumble and loose balance, press him to the wall, knock him down.

99% people will step back, which is the worst direction to go – what is faster, running forward or backward? (By the way, English word “aggressive” comes from Latin “ad-” and “gradi-“, meaning “step forward”.)

Let us summarize the concepts above in the immortal words of wisdom from Dan Inosanto: “The firstest with the mostest is the bestest”.

Hung Ga Kyun Self-DefenceIinteresting to note, Gaap Muk Cheui happens to be one of the favourite techniques of my Sifu, Grand Master Lam Chun Sing.

When we trained together in the park close to his house in Shenzhen, he always drilled this technique. “Ngo hou jung yi yat chau yat cheui” – “I like Curl and Strike very much”, he always said.

Does it need to be Lin Waan Gaap Muk Cheui? Of course not – Po Paai Sau, Fo Jin Cheui, pick your choice – the important thing is the principle.

The question is – what is your “no matter what, I will… ” technique? I you have to think about it even for a split second, i know that you have nothing.

How do we train these concepts? We at Practical Hung Kyun are very fond of our systematical and proggresive methodology: Shadow drills and combinations (Saan Sik), focus mitts, application drills (Saan Sau), full contact sparring drills (Saan Da), reality-based self-protection scenarios – one interconnected system. Check out the fundamental drill in our PHK Intro Kit HERE.

Practical Hung Kyun Reality-Based Self-Protection Scenarios

Practical Hung Kyun Reality-Based Self-Protection Scenarios

Renowned reality-based self-protection expert Kelly McCann (whose book Combatives for Street Survival is highly recommended) once said: “The main difference between martial arts and combatives is that martial arts are something you do with someone, where as combatives are something you do to or on someone.”

Our system of training is more about hitting stuff and hitting people than fancy techniques in silk uniforms. Hung Kyun is originaly Chinese combatives system – we at Practical Hung Kyun are proud to bring “martial” back to Chinese martial arts.

To learn more combat principles and applications, download Lam Sai Wing’s Taming the Tiger manual available HERE. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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