“Double, Single and Black Tiger Claws” (Seung Daan Hak Fu Jaau)

Practical Hung Kyun - Double, Single and Black Tiger Claw“Double, Single and Black Tiger Claws” (Seung Daan Hak Fu Jaau), one of the Hung Kyun’s “Ten Unique Techniques” (Sap Duk Sau): 3 different conceptual techniques, changing one into another according to the needs and situation.

“Double Tiger” and “Single Tiger” usually attack the Upper/Middle Gate (Seung Mun/Jung Mun), “Black Tiger” (Upper and/or) Low Gate (Ha Mun).

Hung Kyun fighter can chain them in different ways, according to the opponent’s reaction, or better to say, according the way Hung Kyun fighter wants the opponent to react – one technique sets up another. Check out the three “Tiger Claw” variations below, performed by Late Grand Master Chan Hon Chung.

Practical Hung Kyun - Double, Single and Black Tiger Claw

Practical Hung Kyun uses a special series of drills on the “Tiger Form” (Fu Ying), adding “Tiger Elbows” (Fu Jaang), “Mountain Pushing Tiger” (Teui Saan Fu), “Row Breaking Hands” (Po Paai Sau, also called”Sideways Facing Tiger”, Jaak Min Fu) as well as “Butterfly Palms” (Wu Dip Jeung), “Bring the Horse Back to the Stable” (Dai Ma Gwai Chou) and other similar techniques from our “Short Bridges” (Dyun Kiu) arsenal.

One of the “Tiger Claw System” Masters has sighed and said: “Tiger Claws in contemporary Hung Kyun are no more Claws, most people use Palms today just to press, push and hit.”

We at Practical Hung Kyun sharpen theTiger Claws again.

To find out more about Grand Master Chan and “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”, please check out following books:

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