Traditional Southern Siu Lam Wrestling Techniques: “Double Dragons Embrace the Moon”

Southern Siu Lam Hung Ga Kyun Wrestling

Check out one of the traditional Southern Chinese martial arts wrestling techniques, “Double Dragons Embrace the Moon” (Seung Lung Bou Yut).

The drawing and the original text comes from an old boxing manual titled The Essence of Boxing Art (Kyun Seut Jing Wa) from my collection of old books.

Here is the translation of the application:

“He steps into right stance. I advance into right stance, and step behind his right stance, grabbing his hands and body in tight bear hug with both of my hands and throwing him back to the left.

If he steps into left stance, I advance into into left stance, step behind his left stance, and use both hands to grab his body and hands in a tight bear hug, throwing him back to the right.”

The text also describes a counter, but let it be for tie being. What would be your counter? 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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