Hung Kyun’s “Four Major Palm Techniques” (Sei Daai Jeung Faat) Poem

Hung kyun Four Major Palm Techniques PoemFinger jabs, palm strikes, grabs and holds belong to the most practical techniques of our combative arsenal.

Some of them are basic, ready to go starting day 1 (ie. palm strikes), some of them take some more time to develop (ie. “Finger Jab” or “Crane Beak”).

Following old Hung Kyun poem, which we have discovered during our field research and training in Canton,  describes so called “Hung Kyun’s Four Major Palm Techniques” (Sei Daai Jeung Faat) and their usage:

“Piercing Palm” is for jabbing (Chyun Jeung Si Chaap),
“Tiger Claws” for capturing (Fu Jaau Si Kam),
“Butterfly Palms” for pushing (Dip Jeung Si Teui),
“Crane Beak” for pecking (Hok Jeui Si Deuk).

(Translated by Pavel Macek sifu of Practical Hung Kyun)

The Chinese characters and other poems are to be found in our Intensive Course Training Manuals, as well as upcoming ebook dedicated to traditional Hung Kyun sayings, maxims and poems.

One of the simplest and most practical palm techniques is taught (together with other techniques) in the Combatives module of our PHK Intro Kit. Check it out HERE!

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