“Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung)

"Arrow Palm" (Jin Jeung)

“Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung), also called “War Palm” (same pronunciation but different Chinese character) is an old Southern Chinese set from the Southern Siu Lam monastery.

When the monastery was burned down, the last abbot of the temple, Ji Sin Sim Si, fled to the Gwong Dung province and hid in the “Red Junks” of the Chinese opera (Hung Syun Hei Baan ), where he taught (among other martial arts skills ) Jin Jeung.

The “Arrow Palm”, together with “Geui Chung’s Big Circling Moon Double Knives” (Geui Chung Daai Hang Yut Seung Dou),  is a part of the “Orthodox Shaolin” (Siu Lam Jing Jung) heritage of the Lam family. Grand Master Lam Sai Wing learned the set form his grand-uncle, Lam Geui Chung and was the first one to teach it outside the Lam family clan.

The set  is characterized by its logical structure – most of the techniques are repeated left and right. First part of the set is performed stationary (Da Jong) in Sei Ping Ma/Ji Ng Ma stances; second part is performed in 4 different directions (Da Sei Moon).

Arrow Palm/War Palm (Jin Jeung)

Jin Jeung incorporates various techniques, e.g.:

  • Palm strikes – “Straight Palm” (Jing Jeung), “Side Palms” (Jak Jeung), “Row Breaking Hands”, Po Paai Sau, “Butterfly Palms” (Wu Dip Jeung). Note: Some families call the set “Heart Penetrating Palm” (Chyun Sam Jeung)
  • Fist strikes – “Sun Character Punch” (Yat Ji Cheui), “Level Punch” (Ping Cheui)
  • Sweeps (Kau Sau Geuk)

Most of the techniques are repeated 3 times in succession. According the Late Grand Master Lam Jou, the rhytm of the set is based on the rhytm of Chinese drum, gong, and cymbals of the Chinese opera troups.

in Practical Hung kyun, “Arrow Palm” is taught as a part of auxiliary curriculum, or as a part of Lam Family Siu Lam Kyun three set curriculum, together with “Six and Half Point Long Pole” and “Big Circling Moon Double Knives”.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

Arrow Palm/War Palm (last part of the set), performed by Oscar Lam

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