Secrets of Kung Fu, Vol. 1, No. 8


The New Practical Approach to Kung Fu

Rare Chinese martial arts magazine, published in 1970’s in Hong Kong.

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  • Sifu Kam Tung
  • Hap Ka’s Muk Yee Pai and Luk Hop Pak Fat Pai’s Wun Yuen Kau
  • The Kung Fu Rings of China in the Olden Days
  • Ancient Chinese Myths – Valuable Swords
  • Historical Account of the Grasshopper School of Chinese Kung Fu
  • A Talk of Kung Fu by Moviestar Chan Sing
  • Post Box – General Knowledge of Kung Fu
  • Kei Lei Choo Cheir ie. a Milage-Meter Drum Carriage
  • Training and Practicing of the Form of Kuen or Fist (Part 1)
  • The Chinese Character Kuen & Tai Kit Kuen
  • A Comprehensive Description of Stances in Kung Fu (Part 3)

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