Secrets of Kung Fu, Vol. 1, No. 1


The New Practical Approach to Kung Fu

Rare Chinese martial arts magazine, published in 1970’s in Hong Kong.

.pdf ebook, 62 pages

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  • Professor Ho Ngau & Choi Lee Fat Martial Art
  • On Chinese Kung Fu Chung
  • Kung Fu Versus Thailand Boxing
  • Ying Chao Chien Na Shou
  • The Broadsword and Kwan Yuen Charn
  • Carter Wong & Eighteen Ways of Striking
  • The Lion Dance
  • Introductory Fundamentals into Chinese Military Arts
  • Heavy Artilery of Ancient China
  • Hull Chuen Kung Fu – The Monkey Way
  • Shaolin Monastery  – Kung Fu
  • The History of Chan Heung, the Founder ofthe “Choi-Lee-Fat” Martial Arts

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