Secrets of Kung Fu, Vol. 1, No. 3


The New Practical Approach to Kung Fu

Rare Chinese martial arts magazine, published in 1970’s in Hong Kong.

.pdf ebook, 62 pages

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  • Speed, Accuracy & “Training Strength”
  • Hull Tze Tin Moon Kwun – Monkey’s Cudgel of Heaven
  • Ancient Chinese Battleships
  • Chan Nin Park – Versed in Both Literary & Martial Arts
  • Does Bic Fu Kung Exist in Kung Fu?
  • Analogy between Kung Fu & Karate Techniques
  • The Chinese Charatcer Dol & The Novel Shui Foo Juen
  • Darn Gee – Kicking Techniques in Mok Kar Kuen
  • A Wooden Stool vs. a Staff
  • Introductory Fundamentals into Chinese Martial Arts (Part 3)
  • Eagle Claw Training
  • Malaysian Martial Arts (Part 2)

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