Wong Fei Hung’s “No-Shadow Kick”? “Under the Skirt Kick”!

Wong Fei Hung’s “No-Shadow Kick”? “Under the Skirt Kick”!

Disciple of Wong Fei Hung’s last wife, the “Tigress” Mok Gwai Laan, explains the true technique of the mysterious technique of “Shadowless Kick”!

Few years ago I had the honor to do an extensive interview with Grandmaster Li Chan Wo, a godson, direct disciple of Grandmaster Mok Gwai Laan and the 2nd generation sucessor of Wong Fei Hung’s lineage. 

Different lineages have different variations and explanations of “No-Shadow Kick” – check out Grandmaster’s Li rather pragmatical one. 

Wong Fei Hung’s “No-Shadow Kick”? “Under the Skirt Kick”!

Grandmaster Wong Data Sang, disciple of Lam Sai Wing’s disciple Ng Sou Chyun, confirms – most men in the Republic of China wore long gowns (Cheung Sam 長衫) with a slit skirt on the side, so most fighters were using side kicks. 

Wong Fei Hung used the skirt of the long gown as an unfair combat advantage – as a cover up for a fast, sneaky and invisible front kick. 

What if you don’t wear a traditional Chinese long gown? Check out a detailed “No Shadow Kick” in the bonus video of our PHK Intro Kit! 

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