Wong Fei Hung & Ghost Foot Seven

Wong Fei Hung & Ghost Foot Seven (Kwan Tak-Hing)

Nobody played Wong Fei Hung better than the late Kwan Tak-Hing, wouldn’t you agree? Nobody. Nobody even comes close. And it does not matter that Kwan Sifu actually did not practiced Hung Ga Kyun, but (Tibetan) White Crane.

As we all know, Kwan Sifu played Wong Fei Hung in over 100 movies – first one was made in 1949, and the last one (with Kwan Tak-Hing as Wong Fei Hung) in 1981.

The rare footage below comes from one of last Kwan’s Wong Fei Hung called Wong Fei Hung & Ghost Foot Seven – in English known as The Magnificent Kick, made in 1980.

Wong Fei Hung & Ghost Foot Seven

“Ghost Foot” (Gwai Geuk) is another name for a “No Shadow Kick”, one of Wong Fei Hung’s trademark “secret” techniques. You can learn the fundamental principles, applications and counters of the REAL “No Shadow Kicks” in our online course PHK Intro Kit.

Who was “Ghost Foot Seven” (Gwai Geuk Chat)? Is it just a fictitious character? Does any of the readers know? if yes, please let s know in the comments!

So or so, Wong Dei Hung performing parts of Gwaan Dou and Tiger & Crane techniques, teaching his student (and pecking him with a Crane’s Beak), and showcasing his skills while blowing out the candles with various techniques, including his Magnificent Kick. Kwan Sifu was 75 years old! 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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