Practical Hung Kyun Weapons Dummy

Practical Hung Kyun Weapons Dummy

Chinese martial arts have an array of various training tools – stone locks, wall bags, sandbags, kicking poles, and – various wooden dummies.

Some systems include specialized dummies not only for barehand fighting, but multiple opponent fighting too, as well as various weapons. Wing Cheun has “Long Pole Dummy” (Gwan Jong), Choi Lei Fat “Three Stars Knive Dummy” (Saam Sing Dou Jong), or “Plum Blossom Long Pole Dummy” (Mui Fa Gwan Jong).  

My senior student Michal Hink from PHK Gym Jihlava has constructed a simple training dummy, made of three tires, representing the upper gate, middle gate and lower gate. I gave it the name “Three Tires Dummy” (Saam Leun Toi Jong).

The Saam Leun Toi Jong is suitable mostly for saber drills, or – like we do in PHK – saber drills adapted to short stick. Michal demonstrates some of the short stick drills, as well as few long poles drills.

Good job, Michal!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung  Kyun

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