Practical Hung Kyun Kids: Free Fighting (Saan Da)

Practical Hung Kyun Kids: Free Fighting (Saan Da)

Check out a short video of our little warriors – 1 minute full contact free fighting (Saan Da).

Yes, apart from basic training, sets and strength/conditioning, our Practical Hung Kyun kids program includes self-defense and free fighting.

Our little dragons get used to sparring at early age (5 years old+) – because they are no heavy weights, there is no danger of injury or damage, and of course, we use necessary protective gear.

Straight punches like Jin Cheui, Ping Cheui, Tung Tin Cheui uppercuts, big overhand Kap Cheui, it’s all there, good. But hey, remember kids, keep your hands up, chin down, set up your Long Bridges!

…But I am happy to see you don’t  turn your back kiddos, and you don’t quit.

Watch our in few years – these kids will not grow into bullies, and they won’t be bullied, trust me on that. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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