“This is not Wing Chun!”

This is not Wing Chun

“Original”, “traditional”, “orthodox”… Those are the words how (traditional) Chinese martial arts are often described. What does it mean? Same as hundreds years ago? Dated?

The word “traditional” comes for a latin word tradere, “to hand over”, “hand down”, from the Master to the apprentice, from one generation to the other – not only the techniques and sets, but concepts, principles and training methodology, often unique to a specific system or family.

So called “traditional” martial arts have always changed and evolved a lot. Just look at the system which s today called Hung Kyun – just a small part of it is “old” Hung Kyun. As many of the Chinese systems, it is in fact “MMA”, in Chinese Jaap Ga, mix of various families (Hung Ga, Choi Ga, Hap Ga, Mok Ga etc.).

Does “traditional” means that the students are supposed to be the exact copy of their teachers? Well, no. I remember my Si Hing giving me once a very wise advice: “Hey, look, Sifu is not teaching you to move like him, but to move like YOU”.

“Traditional martial art for a modern world”, that is the motto of our school, hence  PRACTICAL Hung Kyun – revolution (in the original sense of the word, ie. going back to the roots of the art and paying respect to our ancestors) and evolution at the same time. Yes, we do not live in a Ching dynasty anymore (or even worse, in the movies about Ching dynasty).

Although I am a Hung Kyun practitioner and teacher, I have met many famous masters from other styles, including the Wing Chun community, thanks to my “big brother” Ivan Rzounek Sifu. Below is a nice short clip to the topic from a movie (i know, movie) The Legend is Born – Ip Man. Leung Bik is played by Grandmaster Yip Chun, son of grandmaster Yip Man, and i can tell he really enjoys it. Watch the choreography and listen to the wise message.

Whatever comes from my fist is Hung Kyun.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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