Secrets of the Horse Stance [Free .pdf Manual + Instructional Video]

  • How to reach 5 minutes in 28 days.
  • Stance training: Strengthening of the legs? Yes and NO!
  • What is the main aim of the Stance Training?
  • The old Grand Masters say: [….].
  • Why your knees or lower back hurts.
  • Why you may have a hard time to hold the stance even for one minute.
  • Joint-by-joint theory and why it is so important.
  • What kind of shoes to wear?
  • THIS is the most common stance training misconception!
  • What the middle son of Grand Master Lam Jou says about correct Horse Stance.
  • What is O Si Ma and why should you avoid it.
  • The proof! Check out the rare pictures of legendary Grand Masters.

  • Why the traditional Chinese names ARE important.
  • “Box” or “Square” form is WRONG! This is why.
  • What are the most useful complementary exercises.
  • Why should you practice your Horse Stance: aims, objectives, benefits.
  • “Before you learn boxing, learn… “
  • Learn a traditional Chinese poem about “Four Level Stance” (Sei Ping Ma)
  • …And why is it called “Four Levels Stance”?
  • 10 points of the Correct form.
  • Important notes – don’t miss them!
  • From 0 to 5 Minutes and Beyond: The Training Method
  • Downloadable training log – start NOW!

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