Grandmaster Lam Cho Explains the Origins of Lau Ga Kyun and Lau Ga Gwan

Grandmaster Lam Cho Explains the Origins of Lau Ga Kyun and Lau Ga Gwan

One of my fondest memories of my Sigung (師公), the Great-Grandmaster Lam Cho, was when he would put on his three-piece suit, pick up a newspaper, and take a brisk walk for lunch at his favorite restaurant, where he had a table reserved daily, between the hours of 1:00-2:30pm. On the occasion of one visit, in the early 1990’s, I had brought a variety of Chinese martial art books from my home in San Francisco, USA.

Arriving at Lam Kwoon (林館), Great-Grandmaster Lam Cho and my Sifu (師父), Grandmaster Lam Chunsing were ready to have lunch, and so we walked together, to Sigung’s restaurant, the old Joy Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant (彩福海鮮酒樓), on the fourth floor of the Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road. On this particular day, I had brought the books with me, with the intention of discussing them with my Sifu. Continue reading

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“This is not Wing Chun!”

This is not Wing Chun

“Original”, “traditional”, “orthodox”… Those are the words how (traditional) Chinese martial arts are often described. What does it mean? Same as hundreds years ago? Dated?

The word “traditional” comes for a latin word tradere, “to hand over”, “hand down”, from the Master to the apprentice, from one generation to the other – not only the techniques and sets, but concepts, principles and training methodology, often unique to a specific system or family. Continue reading

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87 Years Young Chinese Gung Fu Lady Doing Splits [Video]

Chinese Martial Arts Flexibility

“Do not be afraid of being old; only be afraid when your spirit becomes old”, says a traditional Chinese maxim.

Mrs. Lau suffered a stroke, and as a party of her rehab she started to practice Chinese martial arts.  Check out the video where she performs some feats of active and dynamic flexibility, such as “Front Split” (Yat Ji Teui) and “Heel Supporting the Heavens” (Chiu Tin Dang). Continue reading

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“Tiger Claws” in Action! The Challenge Match is over in 1 Second [Video]

"Tiger Claws" in Action! The Challenge Match is over in 1 Second [Video]

A challenge match, no rules! US Green Beret vs. Peruvian Special Forces officer.

Green Beret (practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo) ends the fight immediately using one of the typical PHK techniques called “Tiger Springs on Railing” (Fu Pok Laan Saan), which can be found in our “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun) or “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun).

Check out the video, which also shows the technique performed by my Sifu, Grand Master Lam Chun Sing. Continue reading

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Complete Hung Kyun Book Project

Complete Hung Kyun Book Project

The definitive guide to Hung Ga Kyun’s history, techniques and traditions.

What do you say? 

I am recently going through my archives – old articles, rare manuscripts, translations, notes, videos, and dozen of other unfinished projects.

Lots of stuff. Lots of.

Years ago I have compiled a concise Cantonese-English Hung Kyun Vocabulary for me and our PHK students – basic terminology, techniques and other useful terms, just few pages.

The project slowly evolved to another project with a working title Concise Encyclopedy of Hung Kyun.

Enter the third stage – Complete Hung Kyun: The Definitive Guide to Hung Ga Kyun’s History, Techniques and Traditions. Continue reading

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The “Tigress” Mok Gwai Laan, Wife of Wong Fei Hung [Rare Video]

The “Tigress” Mok Gwai Laan, Wife of Wong Fei Hung [Rare Video]

Super rare video! Mok Gwai Laan, Wong’s last wife, performs parts of Hung Ga Kyun’s “Taming of the Tiger in I pattern”, “Tiger and Crane” and Single Whip!

Apology for bad quality – we have shot this video in Fat Saan’s Wong Fei Hung museum from a TV screen. The Hong Kong Movie database says that Mok Gwai Laan starred in Story of Wong Fei-Hung, Part 3: The Battle by Lau Fa Bridge (1950), but I haven’t been able to confirm this footage comes from this movie. If true, she  would be 59 or 60 years old.  Continue reading

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Lam Sai Wing Memorial Cup: Hung Kyun Competition, October/November 2016

LAm Sai Wing Memorial Cup

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the opening of his school and Dit Da clinic in Foshan of the PRC, Grandmaster Lam Chun Sing hereby invites all of his students and grand-students from all over the world to visit his school and clinic and to participate in international Hung Kuen competitions in Foshan, China in October/November 2016. Continue reading

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Hung Ga: Iron Family Documentary

Hung Ga: Iron Family

A short documentary about Yee’s family Hung Ga by Mike Laws – check it out! Continue reading

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PHK “Plum Flower Set” Combat Applications

PHK "Plum Flower Set" Combat Applications

4 “secret” keywords of Mui Fa Kyun are “Advance, Retreat, Attack, Defense”. Notice the order of importance.

The set teaches basic boxing skills in the south paw guard of the ancient Siu Lam box, i.e. – for the majority of people – with the dominant right hand in the front, using mainly straight punches (Ping Cheui), uppercuts (Tung Tin Cheui), hammer fists (Pek Cheui) and right leg kicks. Continue reading

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The Hung Ga Fraternity, Then, Now, and Future

Five Shaolin Masters

Hung Ga (Designating “the House of the First Ming Emperor”) was originally founded as a Han Chinese patriotic coalition, more specifically, an anti-Qing fraternity. With the Opium Wars, “The Eight-Nation Alliance”, and Japanese involvement with the Qing Court, we again see Han fraternal bonding as an answer to foreign incursion, by the formation of the “Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung”, and other like-minded associations, all under the blanket name of “Hung”. Continue reading

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