Hung Kyun’s “Flying Kick” and “Flying Knee” [Video]

Hung Kyun’s “Flying Kick” and “Flying Knee” [Video]

“Flying Kick” and “Flying Knee” belong to the so called “Special Techniques” (Jyut Gei) of Practical Hung Kyun. Anybody who watches UFC knows that they work and that they can take the opponent by surprise. Same goes for a street fight.

Below is a short video of “Organ Seeking Kick” (Liu Yam Geuk) “Tornado Kick” (Syun Fung Geuk), “Flying Kick” (Lin Waan Fei Geuk) and “Flying Knee” (Lin Waan Fei Sat) from our beginner’s set, “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun).

Various applications are performed by Michal Hink, senior disciple of Pavel Macek Sifu and the instructor of Practical Hung Kyun Gym Jihlava. Continue reading

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“Double Southern Knives vs. Spear” [Rare Videos]

Hung Ga Kyun Double Knives vs. Spear

Rare Hung Ga Kyun videos of “Double [Southern] Knives vs. Spear (Daan Dou Deui Cheung) from 2 different eras.

First video comes from one of the old black & white Wong Fei Hung movies (1949!). Notice that it is performed with long knives/short sabres – indeed, Hung Kyun “Double Knives” were originally a bit bigger than today’s commonly produced “Butterfly Knives”, eg. for Wing Cheun.  Continue reading

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You Either Win, Or You Learn: Practical Hung Kyun Gathering (Video)

You Either Win, Or You Learn: Practical Hung Kyun Gathering (Video)

Full contact sparring, weapon sparring (long and short weapons), bare-hands vs. armed assailant, reality-based self-defense scenarios – that is Practical Hung Kyun Gathering, a community event of our school, inspired by the Dog Brothers Gatherings.

Check out a video from the first PHK Gathering in one of our Czech branch schools, PHK Jihlava, led by my long-time student Michal Hink. Continue reading

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The World of Hung Kyun (Chinese Documentary with English Subtitles)

The World of Hung Kyun (Chinese Documentary with English Subtitles)

The World of Hung Kyun (Hung Kyun Tin Ha) featuring Grand Master Lam Chun Fai, his son Oscar Lam, and his disciples.

Grand Master speaks about Hung Ga history, his father Grand Master Lam Jou, and his Grand Uncle, Grand Master Lam Sai Wing, training in the old days and today, as well as various Hung Ga sets.  Continue reading

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Hung Kyun FAQ, January 2015: Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Q: Sifu, I have noticed that your Hung Ga school is also training weapon sparring. Can you post some videos of your Practical Hung Kyun’s weapon sparring, and maybe few tips, too?

Arno K.

A: As for weapons training, our school doesn’t train only sets or sparring sets, but also sparring drills and free fencing. Two fundamental weapons of our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum with specific sparring program are long pole and saber (adapted to short stick/baton). Continue reading

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History and Development of Gung Fu in Hong Kong

Hung Ga Kyun Video DocumentaryHung Ga Kyun, Wing Chun, Taijiquan, Jau Ga Tong Long (Mantis), Daai Sing Pek Gwa and more!

Check out an interesting documentary about the history and development of various Chinese martial arts in Hong Kong.

The documentary features – among many famous masters – Grand Master Anthony Lam Chun Fai of Lam Family Hung Kyun. The documentary is in English. Continue reading

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Secret of Kung Fu Training in the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin Monastery

Secret of Kung Fu Training in the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin Monastery

Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung reveals the secrets of the Lin Gung training of the legendary Shaolin Monastery. Continue reading

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Find Out the Secrets of Hung Kyun (New Ebook)

Secrets og Hung Ga Kyun Ebook DownloadHung Ga Kyun sets, techniques, applications, weapons, legends and stories

Do you wonder – are there any “secrets”?

Well, find out!

Get the top information from reliable source & read the special vintage Hung Ga Kyun articles collection from the legendary Hong Kong Secrets of Kung Fu magazine!

Continue reading

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Do You Want to Improve Your Martial Arts Skills? You Shall… [12 Crucial Tips!]

Improve your Hung Ga Kyun training

What if I told you…12 crucial tips for significant improvement of your martial arts training?

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Here is my red pill – check out my TOP 12 list, and get angry – or wake up, and get better.  Continue reading

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Hung Kyun FAQ, December 2014: How to Improve the Kicking Techniques

How to Improve the Kicking Techniques

Question: Sifu, can you please give me advice how to improve my Hung Ga kicks – front kicks, side kicks etc.?

Sergey K.

Answer: Hung Kyun, although a typical Southern Chinese style, has a very profound arsenal of kicking techniques – front kicks (Liu Yam Geuk, Chyun Sam Geuk), side kicks (Fu Mei Geuk), angular kicks/sweeps (Kau Sou Geuk) etc.

Below are some useful tips how to improve your kicking techniques. Continue reading

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