Brief Biography of Hon Hoi, Disciple of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing [Plus Rare Photos & Videos]

Hon Hoi, Hung Ga Kyun

Hon Hoi belongs to the older generation of Lam Sai Wing’s Hong Kong students, together with Jyu Yu Jai (author of three so called “Lam Sai Wing’s” books), Dang Sau King, Lau Jaam,and others. He has started to learn from Grand Master Lam at his String Lane (Gung Wan Hong) gym, close to the Bamboo Hill.

The main reasons why Hon Hoi started to learn Hung Kyun under Lam Sai Wing were general fitness, strength, and health. He had a well payed job in telecommunications, but has spent too much sitting. He has heard about the famous “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) and the excellent results in strengthening the body and healing diseases from other students of Lam Sai Wing, like Jyu Yu Jai and Wu Lap Fung – it was one of the main reasons why he joined Lam Sai Wing§s gym and eventually learned and mastered the set. Continue reading

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Fundamental Practical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Drills: Wall Drill [Video]

Practical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Drills

Demonstration from the fundamental PHK combative curriculum – simple, easy to learn and practical techniques: ‘‘What you learn in the afternoon must work for you that evening in the parking lot.” (McCann).

The drill is in Chinese martial arts called “Back to Wall Battle”: The person being assaulted has to   immediately switch form defense to offense, step in (Biu Ma) into the attacker and terminate the threat using the principle “Up – Down” (Seung Ha) and so called behavioral reactions. Continue reading

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Hon Hoi (Disciple of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing): “Five Animals Set” [Rare Video]

Hon Hoi (Disciple of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing): "Five Animals Set"

Hon Seui Hoi, also called Hon Hoi, was one of the early Hong Kong disciples of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. He has studied with Grand Master Lam in his school at String Lane (Gung Wan Hong), close to the Bamboo Hill.

Check out a very rare video of Hon Sifu, performing Hung Ga Kyun’s “Five Animals” (Ng Ying Kyun). Continue reading

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Better Than New Wong Fei Hung Movie? The Challenger!

Hung Ga Kyun in the movies: The Challenger

“Modern kung fu with an old school twist. I haven’t seen Hung Gar as good as this since Kung Fu Hustle, ” writes one of the reviews (Guts and Uppercuts).

Check out an excellent short movie featuring some cool Hung Ga Kyun: The Challenger! Continue reading

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Pavel Macek Sifu, Hung Kyun’s “Five Animal Set” [Video]

Hung Ga Kyun's Five Animal Set

“Five Animal Set” (Ng Ying Kyun) – parts of “Ten Forms Set” (Sap Ying Kyun), performed by Pavel Macek Sifu in occassion of 5th anniversary of Frank Bolte Sifu’s Hung Kuen Academy Hannover.

Dragon (1st section of 3), snake (1 section of 2), tiger, leopard and crane! Continue reading

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No-Nonsense Gung Fu

Hap Ga (Hop Gar) Gung Fu

Hap Ga has been has been among China’s most-effective fighting style for more than 300 years. “Hap Ga gained a reputation in Canton for being a no-nonsense practical style of Gung Fu.”

The roots of Hap Ga date back to the mid-19th century, when Wong Yan Lam brought his Tibetan crane style of Gung Fu to south China. The style gained a reputation in Canton for being a no-nonsense practical style of Gung Fu, because it adheres to a set of specific methods and principles. Continue reading

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Chinese Martial Arts Ground Fighting

Chinese Martial Arts Ground Fighting

PHK philosophy is simple: “Learn how to grapple, so you don’t have to.” You might be not interested in grappling, but grappling might be interested in you. You might end up in the clinch, and yes, you might end up on the ground. If you don’t have any clinching and grappling skills, you will.

As many of our colleagues have correctly pointed out, Chinese martial arts didn’t have any grappling in BJJ sense (position > submission), for obvious reasons of the difference between 1 on 1 sport fighting and reality based self-protection. Continue reading

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Applying the Bridging Techniques of Hung Ga

Applying the Bridging Techniques of Hung Ga

The Hung Ga system is well known for its “Iron bridge hand training”. Traditionally, there are twelve distinct Hung Ga bridge hand methods, each having a different shape, associated technique and mode of practice. The various bridge hand techniques are exemplified in different classical Hung Ga forms (Tit Sin Kyun, Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, etc.). Amongst Hung Ga practitioners, the Twelve Bridges are a continual source of conversation, intrigue and even confusion. Continue reading

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Practical Hung Kyun: Chinese Boxing & Fencing. Fullcontact [Video]

Practical Hung Kyun: Chinese Boxing & Fencing. Fullcontact.

“Practical art for todays environment” – that is one of the mottos of our school. One of the aspects of martial arts training is… well, combat. We at PHK use various modes of combative practice, as well as skill testing. Continue reading

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Practical Hung Ga Kyun for Today’s World: Interview with Michael Goodwin Sifu [Video]

Practical Hung Ga Kyun for Today's World: Interview with Michael Goodwin Sifu [Video]

Usage of 3 basic kicks, rear Ping Cheui analysis, Saan Sau Bin Fa drills, Tit Sin Kyun‘s combat applications, practical usage of 2-man sets, and more and more – I learned so much just in few hours with my Si Hing Michael Goodwin Sifu of The San Francisco Hung Gar Kung Fu Association.

Watch an excellent interview with Michael Goodwin Sifu, my good friend and in my opinion the best non-Chinese Hung Ga Kyun master out there. Throughout the years I have learnt so much from him and I hope I will learn more of his practical skills in the future.

Continue reading

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