Practical Hung Kyun Kicking Drill (Video + Tutorial)

Hung Ga Kyun Kicks“Old Hung Kyun” did not have any kicks at all – one of the traditional sayings even goes “Kick misses 9 times of 10.

Wong Fei Hung obviously thought differently, and has included few reliable kicking techniques from various systems. His “No Shadow Kick” skill was well feared among the fighters in Southern China.

We have recently posted a short video of one of the kicking drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum. Although it looks simple, it features few very important principles and concepts.

See the video below and read a short tutorial, which shows our PHK methodology and approach.  Continue reading

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Fiction or Truth? Chinese Martial Arts, MMA and „Power of Less“

Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Chun, MMA

Hung Ga vs. Wing Chun!

Ready….. FIGHT! 

Check out a short video from a successful martial arts movie The Grandmaster. Of course, just a a movie, BUT – in every Gung Fu movie there is a grain of truth.

Watch the video and read our commentary below! Continue reading

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Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 4 – “Feet”

Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 4 – “Feet”

Hung Ga’s “Four Secret Arrivals”, as transmitted by the late Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. Final number four, i.e. “Feet Arrival” (Geuk Dou).

 As we saw in the 3rd installment, the third “Arrival” were “Hands” (Sau Dou). At first I thought – maybe the order is wrong: I should first step to be close enough to hit him, and then hit him. But then it hit me (pun intended) – no… not really!

Of course the Juk Dou is about correct distance, but the order of the “Four Arrivals” (Sei Dou) IS significant. Continue reading

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Video: Practical Hung Kyun Wrestling Techniques (Seut Faat)

Hung Ga Kyun Wrestling/Takedowns

Hung Ga Kyun’s “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun) contains many useful wrestling/counter-wrestling techniques, such as “Iron Broom Kick” (Tit Sou Ba Geuk) “(Three Stars) Hook and Spring Kick” ([Saam Sing] Kau Taan Geuk), both “Big and Small Hook and Spring” (Daai Siu Kau Taan) “Unicorn Steps Footwork” (Jau Kei Leun Bou), “Bring the Horse Back to the Stable”/”Hungry Horse Rings the Bell” (Dai Ma Gwai Chou/Ngo Ma Yiu Ling) etc.

Check out some samples of the “Wrestling/Takedown Techniques” (Seut Faat) drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum. Continue reading

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Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 3 – “Hand”

Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 3 – “Hand”

Hung Ga Kyun “Four Arrivals” is one one the key practical concepts, handed down from Grand Master Lam Sai Wing.

We have already covered correct mindset (Sam Dou) and situational awareness (Muk Dou) – time for action, time to strike the adversary, fast and hard!

Third part of the article is dedicated to “Hand Arrival” (Sau Dou): Continue reading

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Hung Ga Kyun Quiz! What Hung Ga Animal Are YOU?

Hung Ga Kyun quiz

Hung Ga Kyun’s “Five Animals” (Ng Ying): Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane!

Have you ever wondered what kind of Hung Ga Animal are you?

Check out the entertaining quiz below and find out!

SO, what Hung Ga Animal are YOU? Continue reading

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How to Unlock Your Martial Power

Shaolin CrawlingFor the martial artist looking to improve his craft, there are a few bare essentials you need – apart from your actual martial arts practice – that will help propel you toward and beyond your goals.  A healthy level of strength and a good program for all-over conditioning.

The more time you spend doing other exercises, the less time you get to practice your art.  And each strength and conditioning movement you practice should ideally have a strong carryover into your striking, kicking, grappling, etc. Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire

Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire“Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun), one of the “Three Treasures”, secret and most advanced internal set of Hung Kyun’s curriculum.

Very few had the rare opportunity to learn it – Alberto Biraghi  was one of the fortunate ones.

Find out more in the sample chapter from his book Hung Ga Story: Me and Master Chan Hon Chung: Continue reading

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Hung Kyun FAQ, May 2014: “Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga

“Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga

Question: Hello Sifu, thank you for the excellent information you are sharing at Practical Hung Kyun blog. I am studying Hung Gar Kung Fu for more almost ten years, but I must to say that your approach completely changed my approach to the art, its training and application. In last few months, I have progressed faster than in last few years. I am doing less stuff, but better, as you have suggested.

I have heard my instructor to talk about so called Twelve Bridges, but when I asked for more information, I unfortunately did not get any. I was told that it was lost and secret art….

I have noticed that you have mentioned Twelve Bridges on various occasions. Can you please briefly summarize the theory behind Twelve Bridges of Hung Gar?

Thank you.

Javier E.  Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

After lunch I went back to the Chung King mansion and take a nap, because I had started training in the night, too. After the first day I realized that Cheung Yee Keung often trained after dinner. He came back at 10:15 PM from the jeans store in Argyle Street where he worked, had a light dinner (usually some food bought on the street, in Hong Kong most of the meals were consumed at the restaurants, the rest are mainly street food), do some work like cleaning his room, washing the clothes etc., then train. It was a great chance for me to have him at my total disposal, nobody else was training so late, so I sat in Sifu’s office watching TV or flipping through a magazine, or put on the kung fu trousers and do over and over what I had learned in the morning, until he came down in his kung fu trousers for his training set.

Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

Continue reading

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