Mount: One of the Worst Ground Fighting Situations and How to Get Our of It

You got knocked down or taken down, and now the adversary is sitting on you and giving you bad beating.

In the positional hierarchy it is one of the worst positions – and if you instinctively roll to your belly, you will get even to worst position. You will not seen adversary’s incoming punches, or you will get choked out.

This is how it looks in in real, on the street. Warning – violent video!

One of the worst ground fighting situations: Mount and ground’n’pound

In the video below you will find one of the solutions – a combat sequence from our “Twelve Application Drills” (Sap Yi Saan Sau), a minimalistic PHK self-protection programs that is mandatory for all of our beginners. It covers standup fighting, clinch, ground-fighting and basic weapon defence. The drill below is also a part of our PHK MMA curriculum.

The sequence is demonstrated by my students Petr (bottom) and Pavel (top).

  • Pavel is mounted on Peter (“Arhat Rides a Dragon”) a starts to beat the sh*t out of him. No good.
  • Because Pavel is sitting in so called “high mount” and can “ride it” very well, Petr does a single leg bridge and kicks Pavel with his other knee (“Immortal Stretches the Waist”).
  • Pavel needs to break the fall with his hands. Petr locks his arms behind Pavel’s back, using so called S-grip, and slides up. Pavel wants to continue with strikes, but any time he lifts one of his hands, he loses one point of contact, and Petr pulls him immediately to that side.
  • Finally the escape! Petr traps both leg and arm of one side, bridges again, pushes Pavel with his free hand, and turns (“Carp Turns in the Water”).
  • Petr immediately controls Pavel’s biceps. If this was a street fight, he would immediately headbutt Pavel to open up his guard (“Arhat Prays to Buddha” to counter “Moon Belt Surrounds the Waist”), and get up back to his feet, which is always the priority.

PHK Ground Fighting: Mount Reversal | Practical Hung Kyun

The overal game plan is simple: If you get to the ground, get into better position and stand up as soon as possible. 

The intro techniques from our “PHK Twelve Application Drills” of course deal with a standup fighting and takedown defence, as we want to avoid the ground at all costs in most of the situations, but – we need to have a backup plan for all “what if… “ situations.

You too.

But first things first – master the fundamental skills from our PHK Intro Kit, and you will be ready for all future PHK modules, such as “Twelve Application Drills” or the first set.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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21 thoughts on “Mount: One of the Worst Ground Fighting Situations and How to Get Our of It

  1. Francis Daoust

    Well, that was classic BJJ . I dont know why you try to give classic chinese names for those techniques. I know there was atleast one kung fu style dedicated on the ground fighting (dog style). If you want to promote chinese kung fu on the ground aspect, it can be cool that you show us about the dog style. The ground selfdefence is a important aspect if your wrestling is not good but if you teach a sambo, judo, jjj or a bjj move at least don t try to make some connection with classic kung fu, give them the credit .

    1. Pavel Macek

      Francis, most of today’s BJJ does not take in account punching. The names come from Wong Kiew Kit Sifu of Shaolin Wahnam – not me. Dog Style covers some aspects of ground fighting (like what is in BJJ called De La Riva guard) – but not all. PHK is not “classical” Hung Kyun – it is an evolution. We cross-train od daily basis, and incorporate what is necessary int our curriculum. Wong Fei Hung did not need gun self-defence much – we do.

      1. Francis Daoust

        Cross train is the solution if you want to improve your skill. Incorporate others concepts is making your teaching more practical like you call your class “practical Hung Kyun” but one of my point is that by calling your moves with classic chinese names, it is less intuitional in learning the techniques.for exemple; the “jade belt around the waist” is “Close gard”,
        The Carp Turns in the Water is Bridge and roll on the side.

        By using the original name (if I can call them original) it keep the learning more simple and if your students want to learn other techniques from grappling video or seminar . . . it will be easier .

        I wish I don t offence you ;p

        1. Pavel Macek


          – “Hang a Golden Star on Corner”
          – “Ox Horn Punch”
          – lead hook

          Same technique, different names – and we use the all. I am not offended – I just do not understand why you comment something you don’t know anything about.

          1. Francis Daoust

            Wont you belive if they where a standard in the words , it will be easier in the learning?

        2. Murilo Caruy Póvoa

          Remember that when the Gracies learned Judo, they did not absolve many of the traditional names of the techniques and taught using their own. So instead of Hadaka Jime, they called it “Mata Leão” (Lion Killer/Kill the lion), and when they taught to americans, they called it “rear choke”. Morote Gari became “baiana” (bahian lady) to the brazilians, double leg sweep to english speakers. Each name fits the audience. Since Pavel is proposing an evolution of Hung Kyun, I think it’s fitting to use chinese names, the same way the Gracies proposed an evolution of Judo and broke away with their roots, marketing it as a brazilian martial art with japanese roots. And many of those same techniques exists with different names in traditional Kung fu. In my style, double leg sweep is called “Heaven king lifts the pagoda”, ground and pound is called “fight the tiger”, and so on.

          1. Pavel Macek

            Murilo, agreed. I would add that most of the names are authentic traditional Chinese names. We have devised few on our own for some other techniques, but this is not the case.

  2. Henry Marquez

    Just wondering & don’t get offended. Remember every time you publish a doc. In internet you will receive contradictions.
    Q1: why did you show a video where the person-thug pick the fight and he got beaten on the ground. Self defense for the good guy. A: Irrelevant – defeating the purpose.

    Q2: why are you teaching ground tech when actually you don’t have experience in that field? A: you supposed to be a Hung Gar “Master”

    Q3: is your Hung Gar good as you reported in You internet, If it is, why are you teaching ground tech?
    I have taught Hung Gar for 25 years{total of 35 years under Hung Gar family}- under a good lineage, I (we as a family)did not teach ground fight techs. Hung Gar has so many tiger grappling, pressures points etc…

    * You mentioned: Wong Fei Hung did not need gun self-defence much – we do
    > Really- You are getting too defensive. Make no sense.

    Your school PHK, practical or not practical, with the lecture of ground tech, it means that your PHK is not very versatile as you portrayed in the internet.

    You are using Hung Gar name as Chinese Martial Arts, stick to it. Don’t compromise our name.

    1. Pavel Macek

      A1: We don’t know the story behind the fight, and it is not relevant – there hundreds of other videos similar to these.

      A2: I have experience in that field. Ground fighting fundamentals are a must for any serious martial artist.

      A3: A mediocre wrestler will take down any top Hung Ga master in a blink of the second. “Tiger grappling”, “pressure points” – yes, I heard these stories before. First full contact grappling experience is an eye opener. Grappler can apply exactly the same techniques, but from much better position. And if you try to do so (without any ground fighting experience), he will break your arm or choke you.

      Wong Fei Hung argument has perfect sense. I am not living in Ching dynasty, but in 21st century central Europe. Wong Fei Hung has modified the “Old Hung Kyun” significantly – what he taught was very, very different from what he learned.

      PHK is an evolution – and on the contrary, it is very versatile: Not many Hung Ga schools train the way we do – sparring (covering all 3 ranges – standup, clinch, and ground), weapon fighting (including knife and short stick) and weapon defence, multiple opponents scenarios, functional strength & conditioning, no-nonsense internal training etc.

      Sorry Henry, do not get offended, but dream on. Those who live in the Shaw Bros movies fantasy compromise our name, not us, who carry the functional martial arts forward to the 21st century.

  3. Henry Marquez

    Ok, No Dream here. I stand out for HG. You said: any mediocre wrestler will take down any top HG master, so why are you teaching HK? Read again Mr. Francis Daoust comments.
    HG had been taught for 💯 of years. You learn may be in 10 year +/-, thru tapes, may be every 2 years from your SiFu in a seminar – Really – anyway, Change name of your school to an Evolution or Development Kung Fu – JJ – MMA. It is more appropriate to your version. I will not say don’t get offended, because, you get offended. Good luck to your evolution version.

    1. Pavel Macek


      – “why are you teaching HK” – it great art, if practiced correctly, as a relevant art for today’s environment. The METHOD is the key.
      – phones a re also used over 100 years – is your phone the same as 100 years ago?
      – no, I started to learn Hung Kyun in 1991. No, not through tapes, but from many great teachers form USA, Hong Kong, and China. I have crostrained heavily in many other arts. So in this case I am offended, that is an insult.
      – I changed the name of my school to Practical Hung Kyun years ago. The results speak for themselves. PHK is the best of both worlds – traditional combat art for today’s environment. We actually go back to the roots, when strength and combat efficiency was more important than number of sets you know.

      Dream on about using “Tiger Claw” (although useful skill!) in a grappling situation – just look at the “deadly strikes” of the Taijiquan “Master” vs. (mediocre!) MMA fighter. The only thing that can save the TCMA is evolution and adaptation. As many people before, one day you will write me an apology and say: “you were right”. Which means you will waste another X numbers of years.

  4. Henry Marquez

    At the end of the day, I stand what I believed. You will not see an Apology from me, not now not ever, not in this life neither the other life. I have not waste my time at all. Like I said you still learn from seminar, trip here trip there and tapes. I called that evolute dream, spiral in circle with no ending. You are the dreamer.

    1. Pavel Macek


      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

      If you haven’t learned respect, you have indeed wasted your time. For time being, either discuss like an adult without invectives and insults, or focus your anger elsewhere.

  5. Henry Marquez

    You said I didn’t: A mediocre wrestler will take down any top Hung Ga master in a blink of the second. “Tiger grappling”, “pressure points” – yes, I heard these stories before. First full contact grappling experience is an eye opener. Grappler can apply exactly the same techniques, but from much better position. And if you try to do so (without any ground fighting experience), he will break your arm or choke you.
    Why are you representing HK logo in your tAhirt?
    You are the one doesn’t know what repeat is.
    Just take my name of your mailing distribution list. Done with stupid crap 💩 I have better things to do.

  6. TCH

    I just read the comments below and I have to also give my full support to Master Pavel, his progressive and relentless research into both our great family art, as well as the evolution of fighting in these times is a passion. I have known Pavel for more than 15 years and have the utmost repect for his high level research, not to mention him being a very high level teacher directly under the family lineage

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