The “Tigress”: Madame Mok Gwai Laan, Widow of Late Wong Fei Hung

Legendary Hung Kyun Grand Masters, Part 3

The Tigress - Madame Mok Gwai LaanThe reason why Madame Mok Gwai Laan is nicknamed the “Tigress” is not because she is a shrew, but because she is the wife of the late Wong Fei Hung who was nicknamed the “Tiger”, being one of the “Ten Tigers of Gwongdung Province”.

And yet Madame Mok deserves to be called the “Tigress” for she is as strong-minded and temperamental as brave men. She started giving Gung Fu instructions and osteopathy lessons when she was but a teenager some sixty years ago. She was well-known for her intolerance of injustice and she would fight anyone who tried to do injustice to others.

Now over eighty years of age, Madame Mok is still full of vigour and energy and her strong and firm voice reminds one of her strong character and her past heroic deeds…

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