Martial Arts and Medicine of Lam Family

Legendary Hung Kyun Grand Masters, Part 5

Lam FamilyThe man behind the huge desk is ageless. His eyes are steady, his stare piercingly youthful. His son later told me he is 65 years old, but no one can tell from his clear skin and black hair. This is Lam Jou, head of the Gung Fu school of Hung and healer of the sick.

Lam Jou’s Gung Fu heritage is traced back to the Shaolin monastery. His sifu (teacher-master) was his uncle, Lam Sai “Porky” Wing, student of the famous Wong Fei Hung. Scores of Chinese movies have been made about Wong. He was among the 10 best fighters in Canton, and has become a legendary figure in helping the oppressed.

Wong’s father was Wong Kay Ying, renowned as one of the five top fighters during the end of China’s last dynasty. Wong Tai, his sifu, was taught by Luk A Choi, the first and best pupil of the monk Ji Sin Sim Si, who escaped from the Shaolin monastery when it was burnt down and went to the Hoi Tung Monastery in Canton to continue the Shaolin tradition.

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