Wong Fei Hung fights the Killer Dog with his “Shadowless Kick

Legendary Hung Kyun Grand Masters, Part 2

Wong Fei Hung, one of the “Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung” province, was once living in Hong Kong. At that time, an European who kept a very big and fierce bulldog announced that whoever could defeat his dog in  a fight would be rewarded witha big sum of money. On hearing this, many Chinese residents flocked to the European’s residence to try their luck. However, the bulldog was indeed very strong and treacherous. All those who fought it were defeated and went badly injured. As a result, the dog earned itslef the title “The Invincible Divine Dog”.

When Wong Fei Hung learned about this, he was very angry because he felt that the European had arranged for the Chinese to fight a dog was a big insult, and he was determined to get rid of the dog so as to safeguard the good name of the Chinese….

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