BONUS: Kicking Techniques

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PHK Intro Kit BONUS: Kicking Techniques

“Old Hung Kyun” preferred narrow and shorter stances and aggressive close-quarters combat, using the concept of “Continuous Pressure and Striking” (Lin Waan Bik Da).

The combative arsenal did not have any kicks – old Masters said that “when you raise your leg, there is 30% probability that you already lost”. The reasons are simple – you can loose balance, you expose your vital parts such as groin, you can’t use other “weapons” (i.e. strikes), the adversary might catch your leg and strike you or throw you to the ground.

Today’s “Modern Hung Kyun” however features variety of functional kicks, thanks to the cross-training and adaptations of Grand Master Wong Fei Hung, who was very famous for his deadly “No Shadow Kicks” (Mou Ying Geuk).

As you have mastered the fundamental boxing techniques of the PHK Intro Kit, it is time to learn  two very useful kicks, both for reality-based self-defence and sparring, “Two Phoenixes Sing in Chorus” (Seung Fung Chai Wu) and “Naughty Monkey Kicks the Tree” (Wan Hau Tek Syu), as well as special footwork, principle of using the “Shadow Hand” (Ying Sau), safe recovery, defence, and usage in sparring and self-defence.


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