Flexible Steel Instructor Certification

16 Jul 2016 - 16 Jul 2016

Prague 6 – Dejvice

Flexible Steel

How to get an Automatic Edge in your Sport at Any Age!

I had some success along the way winning more often than not and I managed to rack up some state and national titles. But in the process I was destroying my body. The natural resilience of youth can only go so far. I began to notice that during my training I was becoming stiffer and stiffer. I would wake up in the morning like the proverbial ‘Tin Man’ with aching, tight muscles and creaking, rusty joints. I was becoming a broken down horse.

This constant state of deterioration was really driven home to me when new students would come into class and naturally display more flexibility and more mobility than my ‘professionally’ trained body. Can you imagine the disgrace I felt as the ‘Master’? More like Master Tin Man.

There comes a turning point in one’s life when you have a blinding flash of the obvious and this was mine…what I was doing was not only not working but I was actually sabotaging my own efforts in the name of self-improvement.

So I decided to take the bull by the horns. I needed better technology than just toughness. Because Martial Arts was my profession, I was unhindered by a ‘real’ job and able to dedicate the time needed to truly become a ‘seeker of flexibility truth.’ I went to every stretching guru or workshop I could find, no matter the expense or distance.

– Jon Engum, Master SFG, Founder of Flexible Steel

Flexible Steel

July 16, 8:30AM-6:00 PM, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

The Flexible Steel Instructor Certification reveals the complete “Flexible Steel” system Jon developed to regain and maintain his edge as a fighter.

Flexible Steel will show you how to instantly improve your flexibility and mobility.

Receive Jon’s flexibility secrets, cues, short-cuts, progressions and MORE that will pay performance and safety dividends for the rest of your life.

Tension and relaxation are the two sides of the performance coin. Tension is strength and power. Relaxation is speed,endurance, and flexibility. The martial arts and many sports demand both. An expert punch stings out like a whip, the fighter’s body loose. But the moment the fist connects the puncher’s body tenses like a statue. Speed got backed up with power and mass. A blink of an eye later the fist is relaxed again as it snaps back to the guard.

– Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Chairman

July 16, 8:30AM-6:00 PM, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Flexible Steel will unlock the secrets of instant flexibility:

  • Discover The “Escape” Program
  • How to use just one kettlebell to bring back vibrant mobility and restore lost functionality
  • Find out Master Jon’s progressions to break the chains of time and gravity – and the order that makes them work
  • How to eliminate tight shoulders
  • How to get your “kicks” up
  • Can’t touch your toes? You will at this course …Pain Free
  • Close to doing the splits? Learn Advanced Strategies to break through plateaus
  • Say good bye to rusty joints and tight muscles Forever
  • Discover Reciprocal Inhibition: Force your tight muscles to relax using this principle
  • Learn Isometric Stretching: Find out how to become flexible and strong at the same time. This method is claimed to be as much as 275% more effective as regular static stretching
  • Fist and Face? What does the fist and face have to do with stretching? You’ll find out…
  • Find out Pneumomuscular Flexibility Training: A spelling test nightmare, but a very powerful technique to improve flexibility
  • How to use imagery to dramatically improve the splits-Make prying and wedging effective by doing this and you will become more flexible than you ever imagined
  • Discover The Pink Panther Technique: Several people have instantly gained 4 to 5 inches in ROM using the Pink Panther Method
  • How to Use Shutdown Threshold Isometrics: A thermonuclear bomb to use against stubbornly tight muscles

Flexible Steel

July 16, 8:30AM-6:00 PM, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Flexible Steel is a comprehensive training system whose main premise is to be both flexible and strong in perfect balance. In other words, do not be strong to the detriment of your flexibility and do not be flexible to the detriment of your strength. The Flexible Steel system borrows many ideas from other training modalities and seamlessly puts them into a logical, progressive order.

Get more reach for your strength and more strength for your reach”

– Alexey Senart, StrongFirst Senior SFG

Learn the Flexible Steel system of body hacks that will allow you to show your students instant plateau shattering results in both strength and flexibility.

Get hands on instruction and be assured that you can implement the system safely and effectively.

Join the ranks of our International Flexible Steel Instructors for instant recognition and client referrals. Check out our team here.

Receive the coveted and detailed Flexible Steel Instructor Manual that has all the formulas for unlocking troublesome stubborn inflexibility that is sapping your movement and power.

Learn Progressions and Regressions that make sense to everyone. Techniques that will benefit the stiffest clients all the way to teaching the most amazingly flexible students to be even more strong and flexible. The system is scalable to pretty much all populations of clients. This is money in your pocket.

Go here for more amazing testimonials and information about being Flexible Steel .

July 16, 8:30AM-6:00 PM, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

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