PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts

PHK Intro Kit: Beginner's Guide to Chinese Martial Arts
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PHK Intro Kit: The Plan

Author: Pavel Macek

PHK Intro Kit: Welcome!

One of my teachers says: “Plan the work, work the plan” – and this is exactly what are we going to do.

Our aim is to give you a simple blueprint for better movement, strength, stamina, and combat skills – no trial-error, but system-result, maximum improvement in the shortest time possible, as well as firm foundation for future training.

Module 1: Fundamental Training

Author: Pavel Macek

We will focus on a typical journey of a Gung Fu student from „visitor“ through beginner to intermediate. Since our school specializes in the Southern Chinese system Hung Kyun, the system we will be exemplifing here will be our Practical Hung Kyun system – should you start practicing a different Gung Fu style, particular exercises might differ, but the system should be more or less the same.

Module 2: Boxing Techniques

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Pavel Macek

We´ve gone through the brief overview of „fundamental training“ – we’ve read about warm up exercises , stance training, strength/conditioning and stretching. Now it’s time to have a look at another set of exercises – stances, strikes, kicks and the first form!

Module 3: Strength and Conditioning

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Pavel Macek

Strength and Conditioning

In traditional Gung Fu schools, the focus wasn´t on practicing forms, but on strength and conditioning training; stances, stretching, fitness, training on a punching bag, conditioning, breathing exercises etc.

Module 4: Combatives

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Pavel Macek

Application Drills, Self-Defense and Free Fighting

So far we have talked about practicing technique and strength. However, these are not the only aspects that determine the outcome of a potential conflict. How does one practice the actual use of techniques, correct timing, distance, reaction under pressure etc.? In our school, we approach real self-defense and free fight training systematically, employing both traditional and modern methods and tools.

BONUS: Art of Flexibility

Author: Pavel Macek

PHK Intro Kit Bonus: Stretching

PHK Intro Kit already covers strength, mobility, and flexibility in various exercises like stances, Chinese squats and Chinese pushups.

Bonus #1 focuses on one of the most common stretches in Chinese martial arts called “Old Monk Takes Off Shoe” (Lou Sang Tyut Heu), also called “Frontal Leg Press” (Jing Ngaat Teui) or “Kissing the Shoe” (Jing Man Heu).

BONUS: Three Stars Conditioning

Author: Pavel Macek

BONUS: Three Stars Conditioning

Da Saam Sing is sometimes refered to as “arm knocking”. This practice is usually painful for beginners but in the long run provides benefits to it’s practitioners – they will be not only able to withstand force feedback when striking, but also cause damage to the adversary’s limbs.

BONUS: Art of Iron Fist

Author: Pavel Macek

PHK Intro Kit Bonus: Iron Fist

Orthopedic surgeons often says that martial artists are his best customers due to injuries through improper striking. Indeed, the most common injury sustained in a street fight – even if you win – is “broken hands.” If you want to use your Chinese boxing in a real fight, you have to sharpen your weapons. In this video we are going to show you correct and safe method that will gradually forge your iron fists.

BONUS: Healthy Living Regime

Author: Pavel Macek

BONUS: Healthy Living Regime

Old Chinese Masters have a simple recipe for good health and longevity. Master Lau Jing Choi quotes the ancient classics:

“Go by the laws of yin and yang, do bodybuilding exercises, best suited to one’s conditions, practice temperance in food and drink, follow a regular schedule in daily life, avoid overexertion, and keep calm and cheerful.”

Simple, isn’t it?

Interestingly, many famous Hung Kyun Masters lived a long live, despite the harsh periods of their time.

In this manual we are going to cover some simple rules of healthy living and happy life.

BONUS: Kicking Techniques

Free Preview

Author: Pavel Macek

PHK Intro Kit BONUS: Kicking Techniques

As you have mastered the fundamental boxing techniques of the PHK Intro Kit, it is time to learn two very useful kicks, both for reality-based self-defence and sparring, “Two Phoenixes Sing in Chorus” (Seung Fung Chai Wu) and “Naughty Monkey Kicks the Tree” (Wan Hau Tek Syu), as well as special footwork, principle of using the “Shadow Hand” (Ying Sau), safe recovery, defence, and usage in sparring and self-defence.