Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual


Rare photo series of legendary Grand Master Chan Hon Chung + bonuses

.pdf ebook, 97 pages



  • List of all names of the techniques in English, Cantonese, plus traditional Chinese characters
  • Collection of 80 rare black & white photos of grandmaster Chan Hon Chung, performing legendary “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun) of Hung Ga Kyun
  • Article: Master Chan Hon Chung. A Kung Fu Master Honored by the Queen
  • Article: A Famous Practitioner of Hung Kuen – Sifu Chan Hon Chung
  • Bonus #1: Full colored poster of Grand Master Chan Hon Chung in “Moon Shadow Hand Kick” (Yut Ying Sau Geuk) posture
  • Bonus #2: A video documentary about grandmaster Chan Hon Chung and his Hong Kong’s school – Kung Fu: The Hard Way