PHK Minimum: Reality-Based Self-Protection

14 May 2017 - 14 May 2017


  • Do you want to learn another set – or a practical, combat ready application of the techniques you already know? 
  • Do you want to significantly improve your self-defense skills no time, thanks to a logical teaching system and methodology?
  • Do you want to learn the combat secrets of old Chinese Grand masters and apply them in a reality-based self-defense situations in today’s environment?

PHK Minimum: Reality-Based Self-Protection

Pavel Macek Sifu of Practical Hung Kyun presents a special workshop, dedicated to fundamental Practical Hung Kyun combat drills!


  • Self-defense, pro-active self-protection, traditional martial arts and combat sports: similarities and differences
  • 5 key aspects of reality-based self-protection
  • PHK Gameplan
  • Concept of “Four Sides, Eight Directions” (Sei Bin Baat Fong) – solution of 99 situations (and how to practice it every day)
  • Contact management – positional skills, “Barrier” (Laan) and “Bridge” (Kiu)
  • Concept of Hon (“cruelty”, “mercilessness”) – „every technique must use all strength and cause pain (Mui Jiu Chyun Lik Tung Gik)
  • Pro-active self-protection: aggressiveness, “penetrating step” (Biu Ma) and “combative pressure” (Bik Da)
  •  „One strike must kill” (Yat Kyun Bit Saat) – who does it really mean
  • Importance of “Heavy Hand” (Chung Sau) training
  • “Attacking methods” (Gung Faat)
  • “Continuous Combative Pressure” (Lin Waan Bik Da)
  • What if… – “self-defense” methods (Fong Faat) – against punches, clinch & anti-groundfighting techniques
  • Use of the “Poisonous Hands” (Duk Sau)
  • “Cruelty” drill (Hon)
  • Stress performance drills and sparring („sparring“)
  • A bridge between self-defence and sport fighting
  • Duration: 3
  • Equipment: Boxing gloves, mouth piece, cup
  • Fee: Members of the Hung Kyun Research Association 30 EUR, non-members 50 EUR.

Registration: Please contact Frank Bolte Sifu at or call 0176  34777087, Hung Kuen Academy Germany, Vahrenwalder Str. 171, 30165 Hannover.